Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Dye- John Frieda Precision Foam vs L’Oreal Color Pulse Brown and Coco Choc- Best Brand

L’Oreal Color Pulse Brown and Coco Choc are two of the more popular shades available in the L’Oreal line which are good for people who want to avoid hair damage from peroxide. Unlike red or chilled plum, which can be fairly bright, brown is a little more muted. However brown and coco choc are still attractive and are sure to make you look and feel different.

Natural Looking Hair Color

These shades are good for people who want something that is fairly close to their natural color. If you have hair that frustrates you because it can sometimes look dull, adding one of these two shades can give you a warmer look that still seems natural.

Conservative Hair Color

L’Oreal Color Pulse Brown and Coco Choc are good shades for individuals who work in a more conservative environment. If you have wanted to experiment with hair color for a while but the office environment you work in is more restrictive, brown is one of the safer shades to try. It will show off your best features without calling too much attention to your hair.

More Environmentally Friendly Hair Color

Some people are hesitant about coloring their hair because they are wondering about breakage and other issues. Consumers prefer hair color products that are easy to use and are also safe. The best dyes satisfy this requirement.

Experimenting with L’Oreal Color Pulse Brown and Coco Choc gives you a chance to find out how you like dyed hair. It does not contain some of the chemicals that are harmful to the hair and skin and also irritate the sinuses.

L’Oreal color pulse chilled plum, brown, coco choc and all of the other shades in the line are healthier products. They are safer for your skin and eyes because ammonia and peroxide are not used with them.


Softer Hair After Coloring

Several L’Oreal Paris hair color reviews focus on the softness of their locks after using hair dye, while others focus on the ease of applying the product at home. One of the things all of them have in common is that people who use it get a vibrant shade that stays in their tresses and does not slowly wash away.

Many women choose to use John Frieda Precision Foam to color their hair at home. However, is this the best brand in terms of quality and price? This cosmetics company was the first to use foam technology to give users a permanent change in the color of their hair without visiting a salon.

People who color their hair in the comfort of their own residence like using this technology for several reasons. For one, it does not drip, unlike more established methods that leave stains on clothing. The control that you get over the process when using this product on your hair definitely makes it one of the best.


Glamour Modeling Pictures

Glamour Modeling Pictures


“The color was perfect. PERFECT. It sat on my hair for 30 minutes. I rinsed it out, and then I lathered it up with the conditioner that came in the box that smelled divine.”

“I really Love the foam. It gives you NICE coverage and keeps your hair nice and moist.”

It competes with Garnier Nuctrisse foam color, which was developed after and is currently less popular. There are 18 shades available, which is less than the number of nourishing colors that you can choose from with John Frieda. Garnier Nourishing Foam and John Frieda Precision Foam are both priced at a little under $11.

John Frieda foam hair color shades include:

  • Extra light natural blonde
  • Light bronze brown
  • Deep cherry brown
  • Blue black

Of course, I’ve picked out just a few shades from the line. There are more than 20 alternatives and it is really easy to find a shade to match your own natural color. If you want to change your look, there are interesting options available. In terms of natural looking choices, I give them a plus for their range.

John Frieda Precision Foam color is easy to apply and gives better coverage than other brands of boxed color that you get in pharmacies and supermarkets. It comes with a conditioner which helps to prevent the excessive dryness that is sometimes the result of applying chemicals to hair.

These products cost an average of about $8. You can also get them for less if you make your purchase with a promotional code. These are often available online. You can also save by shopping at online stores, which usually have it for less than brick and mortar pharmacies. If you want to get hair color coupons regularly, it is good to subscribe to the company’s email newsletter. You can get promotional codes for use online or offline.



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