Homemade Fall Decorations: How to Use Fall Pumpkin Decorations

Fall pumpkin decorations can add bright color to your home. They are fun to work with and the whole family can get involved. Children will like imagining the vivid shades in different areas of your residence. A project like this one is good for stimulating creativity. It is also a good opportunity for children to engage in crafts that they like.

Pumpkin Décor: Make a Beautiful Sculptural Centerpiece for Your Table

This gourd can be used to make a centerpiece for your table during autumn. It is even better when it is utilized to create an extra special decoration at Thanksgiving. Carve it in combination with a theme you have been working with. You may also find useful ideas at your local art gallery.

Decorating for the Fall: Create a Point of Interest in Your Living Room

Carve a large pumpkin into interesting shapes and use it as a conversation piece. If another member of your community is very talented at sculpture, they may be willing to lend a hand. Artists can create fun and interesting faces or objects from this material. Forget Cinderella’s coach. A carved representation of a fish passing under a wave would add a unique touch to your room.

Small Pumpkin Decorating: Try a Unique Arrangement in a Vase

Fall pumpkin decorations may be made with autumn leaves which already layer the ground. If you have a vase in a solid color, like bottle green or emerald, you can use it to house a pumpkin arrangement. You can use small, store bought pumpkins along with leaves and twigs from your garden to make an interesting arrangement. Some artificial gourds are available in different colors.


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If you want a color that is not available, consider spraying one of those that you have with a can, to get a wider variety of shades. You can also add gold or silver with a spray can. Mount the ornaments on wire so that they can be manipulated into position more easily inside the vase.


Unique Pumpkin Decorating: Make a Fruit and Vegetable Arrangement

These gourds can be used along with other colorful fruit and vegetables to make an interesting arrangement. Choose shades that complement the center of attraction. You can use one large gourd or several smaller ones. Try fruits and vegetables like apples, grapes and carrots to accompany them. You can also use persimmons, as these have a delightful shade of orange. Pears have an interesting shape that will add variety to the arrangement. This bright and interesting collection can be displayed on your dining table.



Homemade Fall Decorations: Use Branches to Build a Vegetable Rack

Fall pumpkin decorations can be created with sturdy branches around your home. If you have these, you can collect them and use them to build a firm shelf. Spray the shelf in a carroty shade like this using water based paint. Carve two pumpkins to look like matching carrots and place them at either end of the structure. You can display your favorite colorful fruits and vegetables on the frame in your kitchen.

Homemade fall decorations allow you to put more color in your kitchen. Try a new centerpiece for the season. If you have a small garden, you are likely to find several leaves that have changed color in fall. Mix the gold, yellow, purple and crimson the way you would like, in order to build a beautiful centerpiece. In order to help them last longer, the foliage must first be sprayed with a coat of sealer. A small, store bought artificial pumpkin can be used in the middle of your arrangement.

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