Helpful “Toys” for Teaching Kids about Money

toys for teaching kids about mony

Money is one of those important issues that parents must teach their children about. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that’s always easy to do. Some parents struggle financially and don’t want to pass these habits on to their children. I can honestly understand both sides of this as a WAHM with limited resources and yet, knowing that my homeschooled daughter really needed to conquer this skill, here’s what I’ve used and what I suggest for you as well.


The first thing that I used is actually more like a curriculum that was created by well-known financial author, Dave Ramsey. “Financial Peace Junior” created this just so that children would learn the value of money. It is great for ages 3 -12 and encompasses everything from earning money to saving and spending it too. Children of all ages enjoy this program, and parents love the fact that their kids now want to do chores so that they can earn money.


The second item I used is by Learning Resources. Their “Pretend and Play Checkbook with Calculator” helps you teach your child about maintaining a checkbook. It comes with 25 checks that have the same shape and design as real checks. There are also deposit slips, a pen, and a battery-powered calculator. This really is a fun and easy way to teach your child about this life skill that’s so necessary.


Regardless of which of these products you choose to use to teach your child about money, you can rest assured that they will be beneficial. Children learn a great deal through playing, and this is what they are able to do here as they learn about the importance of money. If you have a really hard time deciding which product is right, you can always buy both. After all, these are two different, yet very important skill sets that your child needs to learn.


Helpful “Toys” for Teaching Kids about Money




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