Help! My Toddler Chews on Everything!

Hi, my name is Ayden and I’m 22 months old. I like to chew on everything. Including my hands (as you can see from this picture). I chew on my hands and my feet so much that my skin on them will prune and peel the same way your skin would if you spent too much time submerged in water.

Ayden and His Mother

I like chewing on my toys too. Any time someone gives me a new toy, the first thing I want to do with it is put it in my mouth. It is partly because it is how I learn about the object that has been given to me and it is partly because my body needs that oral stimulation.

My mommy signed me up for this program where I see different kinds of therapists throughout the month and it doesn’t cost my mommy anything. They come to the house to play with me and teach me all sorts of different things.

One of the therapists talked to my mommy about oral stimulation. She told her that some children need more oral stimulation than other children do. She explained to my mommy that it can help me think and get focused on what I’m doing.

Here are some Chewy Tubes available for you to consider getting if you have a toddler who likes chewing on things like I do:


These Chewy Tubes are perfect for older children with oral stimulation/sensory needs. Highly recommended for anyone who needs an object to fidget with too. Use caution when purchasing this particular kind for toddlers and small children. I had to get a different style because my son kept putting the long piece down his throat and choking himself. My son’s therapist gave him one of these and he absolutely loves it. The circular design makes it very easy for him to carry around the house and he always has it in his mouth. It is the perfect shape to prevent him from choking on it as well.
This is by far the best option when it comes to Chewy Tubes if you need something with a little extra spark to really motivate your child to put the Chewy Tube in their mouth. They come in all sorts of different flavors including Mint, Grape, and Chocolate. We settled for chocolate because we thought it would be the most appealing to our son. I have actually thought about getting one of these bad boys for me too (I chew up a lot of pencils when I’m working).


Chewy Tubes Are Safe, Fun, and Effective

My therapist also showed my mommy that there are special toys called Chewy Tubes that are for children that need that extra oral stimulation. These are toys that were made just for me to chew on. They are safe for me to put in my mouth and they are never going to hurt me.

Chewy Tubes come in all different shapes and textures. They even have Chewelry necklaces and bracelets that my mommy can put on me. They also have some she can clip to my shirt! My favorite Chewy Tubes are the flavored ones. They have one that tastes like chocolate, so it actually makes me want to chew on it instead of chewing on my fingers, toes, or toys!

Do you have a toddler (or child of any age for that matter) who has issues with chewing on themselves or their toys? Maybe Chewy Tubes can help you too!

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