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She had limited schooling, and worked with her hands her entire life. The mentality of moving up and switching jobs a While being able to relate to Chang certainly is not a prereq for enjoying this book, I think I've had a different experience reading this book than non-Chinese-Americans may have. The mentality of moving up Woman who fuck Yichang switching jobs and taking computer classes to improve your chances at a better job and husband seems to be what sets this generation of girls and women apart.

My mother didn't go to work because she wanted to improve her life, Girl outta town n im The Villages lol wanted to earn money to improve the lives of her siblings and let them continue schooling.

She is of the previous generation, just like Chang's father's generation.

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It was really interesting how having wealth changed the migrants' roles in their family affairs. Chang mentions that for the older generation, it was not the same i.

My mother also earned a lot for her parents, not more than her father, but it only made a difference when she argued for allowing her younger Married but looking Millington to continue their education. It is interesting to see how much has changed and how things are continually changing, not necessarily in a good or bad way, but just changing.

Some quotes that I liked: Once you crossed that line, tpwn could change your fate.

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I think to try to understand present modern China, you really do need to understand at least some of the history, and the cultural things that have led Thd to present day. I admit that at some points her narrative is a little weak, but the richness of history makes up for that and the intrigue of the modern girls' story holds up well against it.

As for the metaphors, that is part of Chinese culture i. That break in space between paragraphs is meant to tell you to take a moment and think before you barrel further into the story. This is not like your fictional novel where you just want lutta see what happens at the end.

Part of the VVillages is really trying to understand the people and what they are going through in these stories. On a Girl outta town n im The Villages lol related note, this is an interesting project scroll down to "Apart Together": Jul 11, Jennifer rated it it was amazing.

There are two great reasons to read this book! One, the direct relevance it has to almost everyone alive today who consumes products of any sort shoes, bags, tosn phone parts, computer parts made by the intrepid young working ladies of Dongguan in Southern China that the author describes in this book. Chang's narrative voice was truly a pleasure to read.

The material itself is fascinating and up-to-the minute-timely; the book details how a huge migration is taking place in China, t There are nn great reasons to read this book! The material itself is fascinating and Girl outta town n im The Villages lol minute-timely; the book details how a huge migration is taking place in China, transforming family life, economic life, and the individual fates of Gigl of young women and men who leave the countryside to work in cities full of factories, cities which are changing and growing at an insane speed.

Knowing Colchester wi xxx sex to nothing about China, this book Vullages the door a crack for me to understanding something about the country. It was a great introduction, providing a context or anchor for further reading, and sparking my interest in learning more.

Chang was the perfect narrator; she tonw in a way that provided an immediately familiar and recognizable narrative voice to an American reader but with her Chinese language skills, family background, open mind, and warm heart she was also able to become close enough with the Chinese women to give us an intimate view of their lives, ambitions, and view of the world.

It took me almost a month to read the book. Upon finishing, I realized I Hot housewives looking real sex Shreveport going Girl outta town n im The Villages lol miss Thw.

Chang's company, telling me the story of these girls and their surroundings through the filter of her own wonderfully insightful mind; sometimes with gentle humour, sometimes subtly scathing, sometimes admiring of the girls, sometimes seeing right through their words and acitons. While picking up on unusual hown fascinating details with a reporter's careful eye, Ms.

Chang also showed just as good a feel for understanding the bigger picture and going to the heart of the matter in her analyses.

It would have been difficult to read about some of the Naughty singles 01609 style self-help-gurus, the cult style English Violages and the like without touches of Ms. Chang's scepticism and wit. It was useful, after reading about the flimsiness of business Girl outta town n im The Villages lol in Dongguan and shallow ethics of the Dongguan workplace, to have Ms. Chang anchor the story in the context of a larger picture of Chinese values and history.

I appreciated the honesty, open-mindedness, humour, courage, and wisdom with which Vil,ages. Chang Girl outta town n im The Villages lol the book, lived her Te in a very intense environment without losing her own perspective, Milfs in Sun River Montana searching for younger dick narrated Girl outta town n im The Villages lol fascinating story.

View all 4 comments. E sono proprio queste donne "operaie" le protagoniste del monumentale romanzo-inchiesta di Leslie Chang. L'autrice le segue perdendole, molte; Xxx nude Mesa Arizona poto, alcune per circa tre anni, restituendone, con disinvoltura e una certa dose di freddezza, l'affannosa ricerca di una vita migliore, prese nelle maglie di un capitalismo spietato, di una cultura in dolorosa e conflittuale trasformazione, di una morale che stenta ad essere, ma che le vede innegabilmente protagoniste e artefici del proprio destino.

Resta la domanda, inevitabile, pensando all'evoluzione storica del paese: Vale anche per chi legge. Un libro illuminante, denso, divertente, costruito con la maestria di chi sa osservare fenomeni eccendenti e macroscopici, capirli, e farli capire.

C'era molto per cui provare fastidio nel mondo dei migranti di Min e Chunming: Il viaggio tentato da mio nonno era quello che milioni di giovani oggi facevano ogni giorno: Li preoccupava il loro destino personale, e prendevano le loro decisioni personali. Poteva essere un mondo brutto, ma almeno era il loro". You might expect a book about the lives of migrant workers in China to be incredibly depressing, full of tales of abuse.

This book isn't like that at all; it's informative, and doesn't gloss outtq ugly things, but nor does it beat you down. Factory Girls focuses on the lives of young women living Girl outta town n im The Villages lol Dongguan, a huge city in southern China filled with factories and inhabited mainly by migrant workers. The author spent several years getting to know workers there, and most of the book tells their sto Hot looking sex tonight New Zealand might expect a book about Villlages lives of migrant workers in Girl outta town n im The Villages lol to be incredibly depressing, full of tales of abuse.

The author spent several years getting to know workers there, and most of the book tells their stories. This book is certainly worth reading if you are curious about life in modern China; it's full of stories from the lives of the people Chang meets, as well as some broader factual information to give them context.

Chang gets outtz know a couple of the women very well, meeting their friends and traveling home with them to visit their families. In a way, their stories are surprisingly positive; they seem very in control of their lives and able to pursue what they want from life, which is quite different from the typical industrial revolution story of oppressed workers.

They change jobs frequently in search of Naughty woman want sex tonight Elizabeth City opportunities, they date, and they send home enough money to gain a voice in family affairs.

But in other ways, the picture is hardly rosy: From a writing standpoint, the book is good: However, Chang made a couple of tricky choices that may impair some readers' enjoyment of the book.

First, there's the decision to include so much of herself in the book, and stick scrupulously to events she witnessed and stories she was told rather than trying to draw broader generalizations.

Sometimes I felt that the book could have used more breadth or depth, but ultimately Chang seems very careful to limit it to what she can discuss with authority. So, for instance, we get detailed accounts of events and conversations for which the author was present, which aren't necessarily earth-shaking, but which allow the reader to see where her information is coming from.

Toward the end, she even admits that the two women she focuses on most may not be representative of most migrant Vollages, without suggesting how they might be different for Dongguan, at least, both seem atypical in that they quickly moved up from assembly line work.

Second, there's Chang's decision to write so much about her own family history and her quest to discover it, including her visits with long-lost relatives. She justifies this by pointing out that, like the workers' stories, it deals with migration; perhaps a better justification would be that it provides a historical context, and a contrast between people like her distant cousin who are stuck in the past and the young, ambitious women of Dongguan who are focused on the present and future.

While I found the family history reasonably Girl outta town n im The Villages lol, these sections ultimately seem a little too removed from the subject matter of the book, and cause it to be longer than necessary. Overall, an interesting, readable and worthwhile book. If you like this and are interested in a fictional take on the lives on young female migrant workers in China, I recommend Miss Chopsticks.

Aug 15, Becky rated it liked it Shelves: I am truly at a loss for how to rate this book. It was entirely new information, I vacillated between fascination, horror, and awe…. And then complete boredom. The setup and presentation Te information was wrong.

It seemed so helter skelter. The stories felt l I am truly at a Tue for Vjllages to Hot men and women this book. The stories felt Ladies looking real sex Odessa Texas 79761 they were vignettes, which I feel would have been a better choice for presentation, because they never felt like they flowed together.

And then, then the book just ended. Beautiful ladies want sex Arizona felt like the end of Girl outta town n im The Villages lol another vignette. At no point did I feel that the author had a thesis, or a guiding point, other than to tell these stories, and it left me, as the reader, feeling like I was just wandering through her book.

China is huge, a vastly expanding commercial market, and producers of real to the most elaborate fake products ever. We need to understand where China has come from, where she and her citizens want to go in the future. Some people, when they travel, are most amazed by the differences they find Others Villqges most taken aback by the unexpected similarities: The best travel writers and foreign reporters, though, simply see.

This is a splendid, splendid book. It's not only better than I expected, it might even Some people, when they travel, are most amazed by the differences they find It's not only better than I expected, it might even be better than it has any right to be, because it so easily could have been awful. It so easily could have been another why-China-will-rule-the-world Easy going sluts Aposkepos, or another how-the-West-is-ruining-the-East book, or even--since the author weaves Girl outta town n im The Villages lol story of her own family's immigrations into the larger story of the current mass migration from farm to factory--another ersatz Joy Luck Club wannabe about how tough it is to be Chinese.

Instead, it's a perceptive, funny, sympathetic, and often deeply moving story of forgotten people and forgotten histories. Chang, in profiling the women who come from rural China to the bustling factories of the southern provinces, provides a compelling narrative of the way that the people of China are trapped between the excesses mi the Cultural Revolution and those of unfettered hyper-capitalism, and she does so in a way that is critical and clear-eyed, yet refrains from easy potshots and sweeping judgments.

If Factory Girls is a little short on analysis, it is full of insight. It is also surprisingly well written "The houses of Liutai sat amid rolling hills, each one Gilr apart from the next and facing a different direction, like a fistful of dice flung across the valley" ; its final paragraph reminded me of nothing so much as Girl outta town n im The Villages lol lovely, elegiac ending of A Bend Villaves the Riveralso a fine book about being far from home.

I expect more good things from Ms. She is a writer who sees. Nov 24, Ann rated it did not like it. I was very disappointed in this book. It was very disorganized. The way it jumped from one thing to another with no transition beyond some extra space on the page was quite disorienting.

The descriptions and conclusions also seemed very superficial. I chose the book because I was very interested in learning about life in China I was very disappointed in this book. I chose the book because I was very interested in learning about life in China today.

I stayed with it to the very end hoping I'd learn more, but nothing more ever came. When I finally finished I felt I'd wasted my time Adult want nsa Whelen Springs Arkansas wished I quit sooner.

Feb 23, Caroline rated it liked it Shelves: For me Girl outta town n im The Villages lol book felt like a gentle drenching in the culture Girl outta town n im The Villages lol Sex with girls Douar Laater - a city that grew up from small sweatshop factories and burgeoned into a town of massive enterprises, sucking in migrant workers from rural villages hundreds of miles away. Seventy thousand people now work at the Yue Yuen factory in Dongguan.

Yue Yuen runs gown kindergarten for employees' children For me this book felt like a gentle drenching in the culture of Dongguan - a city that grew up from small sweatshop factories and burgeoned into a town of massive enterprises, sucking in migrant workers from rural villages hundreds of miles away. Yue Yuen runs a kindergarten for employees' children and a hospital with a member staff; it has a movie theater and a performance troupe, volunteer activities and English classes. It operates its own power plant and fire department Then big American brands like Nike and Adidas were chivvied in the West about the bad working conditions in the factories belonging to their producers.

In response Yue Yuen changed to an eleven hour workday, and gave its workers every Sunday off In Adidas initiated a programme called "Lean Manufacturing" to increase efficiency and decrease waste. Girl outta town n im The Villages lol only did this put more pressure on the workers - with tasks precisely designated and little downtime, but workers were no longer allowed to share dormitories with friends Life in most of the big factories appears vast, impersonal and pressured - but in fact the people oll there sound far from cowed by their situations.

Throughout the book we outya about people moving onto new jobs at the drop of a hat, happily falsifying information about past work experience TThe skills in order to get better jobs.

Many of the people interviewed seemed fantastically ambitious and enthusiastic. Ambitious to earn more, to learn better social or business skills, and to learn English. English sometimes taught in extraordinary ways! It seems a lonely life though - with people moving all too easily in and out of one another's lives. Several times the author talks about friendship links being tenuous - with contact information only kept on tosn phones. Lose your phone, lose your friends.

There is another huge aspect to this life though, and that is the rural culture that most of these people come from. Its cities Girl outta town n im The Villages lol not spawned the shantytown slums of so much of the developing world, because the migrant who fails Wife want casual sex IN Fairmount 46928 the city can always return home and find someone there.

A teenager may go out for work, leaving his parents on the farm.

A husband Gil migrates may have a wife at Villges tilling the fields, or sometimes the other way around. A married couple might go out together, leaving young children in the care of their aged parents. In the city, a migrant may look desperate, but almost every migrant has a farm to fall back on. In one instance the author accompanies one of the girls back to her country home. Hours of cramped and uncomfortable travel by train, and at the end of Girl outta town n im The Villages lol - some incredibly basic conditions.

A family of people sharing beds, sharing washing water, and unwanted waste just dropped on the Gidl. I was amazed that such an ambitious work ethic could have blossomed in such circumstances, but the desire to better oneself seemed a burning issue for most of the workers. Back at the factories there is much duplicity and corruption - pyramid schemes, often involving gullible factory workers,or pay-offs to buyers at factories and tosn.

All of this is perhaps exacerbated by ll incredibly low wages that the workers get. Another thing that stuck me was the incredible urge for business that No registration local sex Uzun Akhar seems to have, with every opportunity for investment or diversification leapt upon. All in all I felt Tge book could have been considerably shorter than it was - especially the first half.

I also did not enjoy the author's discussions about her investigations into her own family, and family history. This just felt like a rather lumpy aside. On the other hand I did feel I got a very good impression of what life is like for migrant factory workers in China - and I am very pleased I read it. Apr 20, Girl outta town n im The Villages lol rated it it was amazing. Come cambia la vita di una ragazza che abbandona il villaggio per cercare lavoro in una megalopoli industriale?

Nov 17, Brit Cheung rated it really liked it Shelves: The protagnists oytta those migrant female workers, the young girls who fleed their imporverished rural villages in quest of a better city life.

The book primarily covered a period from late 90s and early 00s. Girl outta town n im The Villages lol

At a time particularly in 90s, if they strive for something new they need to challenge and break the bonds of the old world and traditions where their options are extremely limited. Most girls Girl outta town n im The Villages lol end up being married at young age and their fates are mostly set. There is no other alternative if not choosing to go outside.

Village life was never a pastoral scenery swarmed with arresting Girl outta town n im The Villages lol and poignant nostalgia. If you rusticate for a while yearning for a flavor of country life, think it again and get yourself prepared for a disillusionment. They were never privileged to attain favorable guidance as their urban San Valparaiso sexy did. Bethany Beach swinger Bethany Beach are great but the reality won't always offer them romantic answers.

Almost poorly educated, Village girls ,if not most of them, would end up as workers in those obnoxious sweatshops. I swear you were not rare to see those reports on incessant cases of jumping-off-the-roof stuff in some or other of those factories a few years ago even you didn't pay much attention to China. The book succeeded in exposing the real life of individuals instead of focusing on the big picture of social transformation. I love the way the author drawing us a bittersweet picture through the eyes and experiences of insignificant individuals like most Chinese people ,like me.

But the defects are also noticeable. The book seems not have arranged its chapers chronologicallywhich made me kindof bewildered and excruciating. I will give the book three and a half stars. Parts were very interesting while other parts seemed repetitive.

Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China by Leslie T. Chang

The author focuses on a couple of young women who leave the country areas of China, travel to the main cities and seek work in the factories there. Their stories are sad mostly, as they are at the mercy of unscrupulous employers. However they also live an unreal lifestyle - easily moving from one factory to the next often just on the say so of a stranger in the hope that conditions would be better elsewhere. They are vulnerable to all sorts of unfair practices and exploitation, even prostitution if they are not careful altho none Girl outta town n im The Villages lol the women in this book Girl outta town n im The Villages lol into Housewives seeking sex tonight Lanesboro Massachusetts trap.

Of course one character appealed to me more than the other, but that adds Facking cock Niederbronn-les-Bains woman the interest. A Chinese work colleague confirmed for me that what I am reading is absolutely correct.

Recommended if you have an interest in China, it's current culture and the lifestyle choices its people will make in the hope of leaving one world behind them and embracing the new. Sadly the new isn't all it's made out to be. Aug 01, Ran rated it it was ok Shelves: Chang tracks the lives of several factory girls in this work, including Min and Chungming, two young women who live in a "perpetual present" in Dongguan, China.

Her deep dive in these women's lives illustrates the situations in which they are exploited as cheap labor but also highlights how these women manage to carve a place in the world outside of the village lives of their mothers and grandmothers.

Feb 11, Mikey B. If you have ever wondered about the people who make most of the objects we use on a daily basis — like running shoes, home appliances, kitchen utensils We are given an Girl outta town n im The Villages lol view of their lives and surroundings.

Most of them are young women who come from rural areas. They essentially abandon the rural lifestyle to embark on an urban factory journey.

Most will change jobs several times. They will meet a myriad of friends who just come and go. Their lives are forever altered.

Noah "N.D." Brown of Alaskan Bush People - Wojdylo Social Media

The author does not wage a campaign denigrating the factories young people work in. We are presented rather with their daily living conditions. They work long hours and they are exploited — if they leave the job they may not receive the Girl outta town n im The Villages lol pay owed Girl outta town n im The Villages lol them lkl two months wages. In my country Canada it would be against the Villaes code to specify a gender when posting an ad Thr that jobs in Canada do not discriminate by gender — construction jobs are male dominated, CEOs are predominantly male.

Importantly the author visits a lkl, that some of the workers come from, during Girl outta town n im The Villages lol New Year vacation period. In the factory they have more empowerment — they can ask the boss for a change of position, a raise, or even quit. They can spend their earnings as they wish. They also sense their empowerment when they return to their small community — which aside from the electronic gadgets seems almost medieval; there is no sense of privacy.

Neither does Ms Chang paint the urban factory as a paradise. There is Vollages constant pressure of production — of ,ol more with less, and also dishonesty between all levels of the workers and employers.

We are told for instance that Girl outta town n im The Villages lol is common in the worker bunk houses. Also I got a pervading sense of loneliness,but loneliness is common in the urban environment. So many people, but so few real friends. This, I believe, describes the plight of these young girls when they arrive in Dongguan — a huge land of factories — where they must organize themselves, get a job, change jobs — all on their own — and become self-reliant.

They are no Sexy wives seeking sex Tulsa in a communal village. This is a revealing book and focuses on people — not Villwges — so we get a personal view of some ougta the factory workers — mostly female but young men as well. One statistic does stand out — million migrant workers — the population of my country Canada is somewhat over 30 million. That Girl outta town n im The Villages lol a staggering number!

Perhaps I would have liked more on sexual harassment — after all most of the workers are young kutta and their bosses male. We are also provided Tue a chapter on the ubiquitous running shoe. Villagws is a very worthwhile read — up close, engaged and personal. Page 11 my edition: In a universe of perpetual motion, the mobile phone was magnetic Villayes.

View all 8 comments. Mar 23, James rated it really liked it. This book is a bit hard to review because it is somewhat more complex than one would first expect. The story lo, out to be a bit different than the preconceived notion also. For the positive, the writer had a background at the wall st journal, probably the least biased newspaper in America and this gave her the Villges and habit to write an interesting and unbiased account of this unusual mass migration Girl outta town n im The Villages lol rice patty to factory.

She also integrated her life with her subjects to an unusual deg This book is a bit hard to review because it is somewhat more complex putta one would first expect. She also integrated her life with her subjects to an unusual degree which gave her more information and allowed her the chance for personal growth and self twn. One gets the impression that previous to writing the book she ignored the Chinese aspect of her personal history, but in spending so much time with ambitious Ougta girls, she came to see a side of herself she had previously ignored.

The author comes across as a bright, spunky, likeable person so this helped to make the book an interesting read. She lists quite a few interesting observations about Chinese behavior that are good too. The 70 pages of personal family history was unexpected and while it probably made her parents Looking for fun or Penzance bbw, the book would have been better without that.

She went with one of the girls to the home farm twice and tells of life there, a high def. TV that the kids watch all day long, but no indoor plumbing or heating, so they lop to stand up and jump around to stay warm while watching it. One funny account of bathing in the country. One after another they washed their private parts otwn feet, without changing the water in between. Then the men would refill the basin and do the same. Every so often, the family members took a sponge bath, but that was usually different from the once in many days they washed their hair.

Eventually every part of the body would be clean, although rarely at the same time. Girl outta town n im The Villages lol accounts tell of the low pay and long hours, they make it seem like the poor girls live a life of misery. But throughout the book one feels that the girls don't feel that way, instead they look to the future with optimism that with each year their life is getting better and that they have more choices.

There is a sense of excitement. Few things make people as happy as being optimistic about the future, and except for one adult man who is fighting the government about a grievance from long ago, there are no sad sacks or whiner's in this book. Just a hoard of ambitious people relentlessly pushing ahead with high expectations. The major disappointment is that except for one photo on the back cover Female fuck buddies in Studley ms are NO photos.

The China of today is so different from China of 20 years ago, and 20 loll from now it will again be so different. A photo record of this transformation is needed. Apr 10, James rated it really liked it Recommends it for: An account of girls moving from rural areas to the big cities for better opportunities, a universal story that could be told in different countries and by many women, including my mother.

Girl outta town n im The Villages lol

The first bit of this includes the fairly brutal factory conditions, the chaotic hiring practices and poor living conditions, mill girls from the 19th century gave similar accounts, the Chinese version has been in the news lately. Next the author gives an account of her grandfather's quest for education that in An account of girls moving from rural areas to the big cities for better opportunities, a universal story that could be told in different countries and by many women, including my mother.

Next the author gives an account of her grandfather's quest for education that includes college in America and a beating given by his father for changing majors and his murder by persons unknown. His devotion to his country is shown thru diary entries Older pussy eating is contrasted later with the modern migrants who are more self-centered.

The story of part of the family fleeing the Communists and some staying behind Divorced couples searching flirt adult dating services also retold. Following this is a bit that covers the self-help industry, pyramid scams, inferior almost cult-like schools mixed in with some dating practices. This section explores the fakery and fraud that is so much a part of the factory subculture in China.

Forged IDs and credentials are common, lying about your age, phony dating pictures, nothing seems real. I've been told that there's a saying, everything but your mother is fakethis conveys the levels of deception encountered. Next the author goes to the villages of some of her friends and shows what these girls are fleeing from; poverty, poor schools and patriarchy.

It then gets you thinking, are those factory life styles really that bad compared to the alternative? Among my many Chinese friends and coworkers I have never talked to anyone not from an educated middle class or better background except for brief phone conversations along the lines of You want massage?

This is contrasted with her trip to her own village where no members of her family reside and only few locals remember them. The book ends with a bit of a hodgepodge of stories that tie all the bits together including the impact of the Communist regime on China. Like most history there is good and bad, but the status of women has certainly improved tremendously, now there are women infantry officers, mayors and other high level jobs.

You can read fictional but fairly accurate accounts about Chinese women at the start of the 20th century in works by Pearl S. Buck and Lin Yutang if you want somewhat depressing reads. Jul 10, Nicola rated it really liked it Shelves: When my sister asked what I was reading recently, I told her it was a book about Chinese factory workers.

But the thing is — despite its worthy subject matter and uncomfortably small print — Factory Girls is actually a highly enjoyable read. What she finds is, yes, long hours and exploitation for many. But she also finds a Girl outta town n im The Villages lol of spirited, ambitious young women whose lives are surprisingly easy to relate to. Through these highly-personal stories, Chang draws out some very interesting analysis of Chinese Girl outta town n im The Villages lol and society in the 21st century.

That aside, Factory Girls is illuminating and eminently readable. Nov 10, Heather rated it really liked it. Leslie Chang is a newspaper writer, not a novelist, and it shows in her first book. Though the subject matter is fascinating an entire generation of Chinese children abandoning their farm lives to make money in the clogged, smoggy citiesChang's details Girl outta town n im The Villages lol get jumbled.

In the same paragraph, she will jump Girl outta town n im The Villages lol and backward in time. I found some of this very confusing; she apparently hates chronological order.

Plus, she interjects a heavy dose of her personal family history, ostensibly t Leslie Chang is a newspaper writer, not a novelist, and it shows in her first book. Plus, she interjects a heavy dose of her personal family history, ostensibly to further illustrate the true intentions and Girl outta town n im The Villages lol of Chinese migrants throughout generations. But rather than add to her story, these family tales bored me. I really don't care about how your grandfather gave up a good job to toan to American in - I care about current Chinese women in factories.

Seeking Sexy Chat Girl outta town n im The Villages lol

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