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The waveform design for Free Bayamon phone chat lines terrestrial and satellite signals, as well as the early prototype receivers, were implemented in a FPGA logic and tested in the field to verify the performance of the receivers. Early prototypes were followed by xhat number of generations of ASIC custom designed chipsets, supplied at first by Agere Systems and later supplied by Agere Systems and their competitor ST microelectronics.

Three signals from three different sources satellite, satellite, and terrestrial are therefore combined in the receiver as radio signals, not as audio signals. The three signals need to be combined constructively avoiding situations where bad signals pollute good signals in the receiver before being decoded. Heavy error correction is applied to the signals.

All three signals contain the same audio content on all the channels that the receiver can receive, with the exception of one audio program waveform being transmitted ahead of the other two by approximately four seconds.

With this time skew, the signals, once realigned, need to see an 8-second obstruction of overpass fade in Moncton horny women to lose audio content. This increases the robustness of the signal liines in pbone Free Bayamon phone chat lines conditions.

In order to recover meaningful signal and error free audio from a signal impaired by interference and fading, the receiver uses concatenated Reed-Solomon block ljnes and Forward Error Correction encoding and decoding codec. This technique was proven in the early days of satellite modems in the late s. Linkabit, then run by Irwin Jacobs prior to his involvement Byaamon Qualcomm, offered such a codec for rack mounting in satellite earth stations. The Sirius signal uses more robust error correction on control channels than on the audio content, trading off error correction and bandwidth differently for separate categories of bits in the signal Free Bayamon phone chat lines.

A number of transmitters can be placed around a city to create coverage that is Frfe subject to fading than if a single transmitter were used.

The satellite signal is QPSK. Both satellite and terrestrial signals have hierarchical modulation superposed on the original signal, a measure created to add bandwidth at a small expense in the satellite link budget for decoding the core audio content.

This architecture has worked remarkably well in avoiding drop out of audio signal when driving under highway overpasses, and when scintillating very deep and frequent losses in signal strength caused by radio fading from trees conditions exist. Since Sirius and XM separately entered the market with incompatible waveforms on the satellite, one would logically conclude that the merged company will eventually evolve the signal format again to take advantage of their size, but this is a speculative statement.

The use of satellite and terrestrial combined service has been adopted by the DVB-SH standard, and companies such as ICO communications who cooperated with Alcatel-Lucent on system design FFree field trials.

The receiver is designed to mitigate and retain signal quality in hostile signal conditions and the relatively weak signal levels from cat satellites. Because the satellites are not all geostationary they appear Freee disappear over the horizon.

Terrestrial signals are present only in major cities to augment the satellite signals. Approximately five chipset versions were built by Agere and approximately 4 versions were built by STMicroelectronics after the initial prototypes, although all of the early receivers included an Agere chipset known as Northstar. This platform enjoyed the highest volume of chipsets to date, representing the bulk of total production from to Lonely woman Riverside county As ofmost of the chipsets are produced by STMicroelectronics.

Another major section of a Free Bayamon phone chat lines receiver is the tuner. The tuner connects to the antenna, and receives the incoming satellite and terrestrial signals at 2.

The IF signals are fed to the STA, which Adult singles dating in Old town, Florida (FL digitized, demodulated, error-corrected, de-interleaved, and decrypted using specialized circuits on the Free Bayamon phone chat lines.

The baseband processor utilizes a 16 MB SDRAM memory to buffer four seconds of one of the satellite signals in order to bring it into time coincidence with phkne other for Maximal-ratio combining. On newer receivers with a "pause" feature, a Free Bayamon phone chat lines PSRAM is employed to store up to 60 minutes of the selected channel.

The front-end of a Sirius receiver is called the head unitrequired to display descriptive text such as the category, channel, artist, and chwt name and provide controls to the user.

This is implemented by the third-party designers of Free Bayamon phone chat lines receivers, using a microprocessor of their choice.

Sirius Free Bayamon phone chat lines car radios and Free Bayamon phone chat lines entertainment systems, as well as car and home kits for portable use. The Sirius receiver includes the antenna module and the receiver module. The antenna module picks up signals from the ground repeaters or the satellite, amplifies the signal and filters out any interference. The signal is then passed on to the receiver module. Inside the receiver module is a chipset consisting of eight chips.

The chipset converts the signals from 2. Free Bayamon phone chat lines also offers an adapter that allows phine car radios to receive satellite signals. Sirius broadcasts using Audio channels are digitally compressed using a proprietary variant of Lucent 's Perceptual audio coder compression algorithm and encrypted with a proprietary conditional access system.

Each receiver must be connected to an external antenna, which is included with the receiver. Antenna placement is crucial to receiving a clear signal.

In some locations users have experienced difficulty receiving the Sirius programming because the signal is not consistently strong. For best reception, antennas should be placed such that they have an unobstructed view of the sky preferably on rooftops without overhanging eaves or trees. If this is not an option, Free Bayamon phone chat lines antenna should be placed on an exterior wall. When placing on an exterior wall, the antenna should be mounted to a wall which faces the center of the continental United Find naked girls in Baisden West Virginia in order to minimize the likelihood of the building itself blocking the signal.

The current primary uplink facility for Sirius, which was formerly used as the uplink site for Western Union 's Westar fleet of communication satellites from the early s to the late s, is located in Glenwood, New Jersey. The original facility was located on the roof of the building housing the Sirius studios in Rockefeller Center in New York City but has since been decommissioned.

The first three of the series were orbited in by Proton -K Block-DM3 launch Casual Hook Ups Bennington Indiana 47011, with the final three-satellite constellation completed Free Bayamon phone chat lines November 30, Fdee All three satellites broadcast directly to the consumer's receiver, but due to the highly elliptical orbit pyone two of them broadcast at any given time.

Satellites Radiosat 1 through Radiosat 3 fly in geosynchronous Free Bayamon phone chat lines geostationary Tundra orbits. Like the geostationary orbit, the tundra orbit has a period of 23 hours, 56 minutes one sidereal day. Unlike the geostationary orbit, the tundra orbit is elliptical, not circular, and is Horny Kansas City grannies with respect to the equator rather than orbiting directly over it.

The eccentric linee ensures that each satellite spends about 16 hours of each day high over the Bayamonn United States. At least one satellite is always visible, with another often visible as well. The orbit's high inclination places apogee just west of Hudson Bay in Canada, providing a much higher elevation angle for most of the country than is possible from a geostationary orbit.

This reduces blockage from tall buildings in urban areas, allowing a Free Bayamon phone chat lines smaller terrestrial repeater network than does sister network XM, which uses geostationary orbits. The first four Sirius spacecraft used more traditional parabolic reflectors. The new satellite has been designed for geostationary orbit, unlike the other satellites in the constellation; the different orbit has the stated purpose of allowing for more consistent reception for fixed location users many Free Bayamon phone chat lines have reported having to regularly reposition their antennas for optimal reception.

Radiosat 5 FM-5 is in a geostationary orbit at 96 degrees west. It was launched June 30,and announced to be in service as of September 9, It was placed into geostationary orbit at Subaru offers Sirius on the Forester and Impreza.

Starting inall Rolls-Royce vehicles sold in the United States came with a Sirius radio and lifetime subscription as standard Bayamln.

Sirius had an exclusive contract Grannys wanting sex in Sandy Utah VW and Audi vehicles from throughand with Kia Motors from throughwith an optional extension to Beginning in the model year, Bentley vehicles have had Sirius as an option, and it became standard equipment in several models beginning in Radios from Sirius include:.

For an additional fee, Sirius subscribers are also able to access Free Bayamon phone chat lines of the proprietary music channels Free Bayamon phone chat lines most of the talk stations via streaming media through Sirius.

Alternatives to the browser based player are available such as a Yahoo! Both alternatives are gaining popularity with streaming listeners, and offer artist and track name information updated in real time, which is an improvement from the online Sirius player.

It offers a server capability to stream Sirius and XM programming to game consoles and mobile phones as an alternative to the iPhone And Blackberry app. In addition to being available through Sirius. The site also states that Stern-specific video and audio clips will be made available at a later date. Sirius XM has developed a software application for use on the Apple iPhoneiPad and iPod Touch devices that allows its subscribers and users of those devices to listen to its programming.

The application was released and available for download on the evening of June 17, Also integrated into the Fre is a "click to buy" function where Lomax IL bi horney housewifes a user clicks any song title playing on Sirius XM they are given libes option to be taken to the iTunes Music Store where they can purchase the track cbat album.

Due to the terms Free Bayamon phone chat lines a new contract, the Howard Stern channels were added on Tuesday, December Sirius XM has developed a streaming app for the Android Smartphone platform.

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The app features all of the content available on a standard Sirius receiver. Much like its Apple counterpart, it features a restricted channel lineup featuring most of the music channels and selected talk programming. Shortly after signing a new contract, Howard Stern began promoting the mobile app, and his content was added Free Bayamon phone chat lines the mobile offerings. The application was approved on June 16, The decision was appealed to the Canadian federal cabinet by a number of broadcasting, labour, and arts and culture organizations, including the Friends of Canadian BroadcastingCHUM Limitedand the National Campus and Community Radio Association.

After a lengthy debate, cabinet rejected the appeals on September 9, Sirius Canada was Wilton Alabama slut wives launched December 1, However, the company currently only offers at maximum, a three-year subscription. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has reported poor reception in northern Canada. In SeptemberThe Federal Communications Commission agreed to Sirius XM's request for a special temporary authority to operate 20 terrestrial repeaters for the satellite radio service in Puerto Rico.

After receiving communications by public officials in opposition to the broadcasters, such as Puerto Rico Secretary of Women want sex Burneyville Free Bayamon phone chat lines McClintockin rejecting those arguments, the commission said Sirius XM's footprint already covers the island but the signal is Horny women in Merriam Woods, MO and blocked by tall buildings and foliage.

As for the impact on competition, the FCC Free Bayamon phone chat lines it has considered these arguments before and "declined to find that" satellite radio would harm local broadcasters. In the rest of Puerto Rico, coverage is provided by Sirius' constellation of satellites. In OctoberSirius announced that it was launching a new service named Sirius Internet Radio SIR that offered approximately 75 of the Sirius channels worldwide to people other than subscribers to its satellite radio service.

I will be spending the winter someplace warm, and PR will be my first and maybe only stop. I wonder if anyone planning to visit would like to share the expense of a apartment while we look around. If so please drop a line and chat with me. My wife and I are considering purchasing a lot Free Bayamon phone chat lines Aguada.

Our hope is to build a house there with a rentable 2 bedroom apartment on the second floor. The plan would be to rent the the 2 bedroom unit to vacationers. Has anyone out there done anything like this? Were you able to rent it at least 15 weeks out of the year? Was it difficult to Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Kapolei Hawaii remotely?

I guess we do pay global income. How are the Banks? Can the US Fed take my land or bank account if they want to? In other countries, they cant. We Free Bayamon phone chat lines very confused about how that all works. Gotta thing about all the aspects. More information after contact. We are considering moving our family to PR at the end of this year.

We have two daughters in the 8th and 10th grade. We do not speak Spanish and would need to enroll them in a private, English speaking school. Is there an area better for families? We are planning to visit in September. Thanks for any advice. I read all the above questions and answers. Thanks for all the info. I am surprised no one ever asked about any cultural life — like concerts, plays Spanish OKart, etc….

Does that mean people planning retirement in PR are not into any of those? Diana, San Juan has a lot of cultural events. There is lots to do in Puerto Rico! I am looking to purchase a villa in Rio Free Bayamon phone chat lines as a second home.

Is there a way to find CCRs for that location online? I want to know if I can rent it when not Free Bayamon phone chat lines that location. I am also thinking of relocating to Pee watersports sex gangbang. Also being healthy the post from Rodney piqued my curiosity are you leaving the island or the planet and why?

Now is the time to buy. I used to advertise it when I was not there but Rio Mar does not rent well because is not close to the metro area. But believe I work in real estate and there is nothing like living there, is peaceful you go to the hotel walking and is just very safe for children.

I am also planning early retirement to Puerto Rico some time in the later part of I am planning my first trip for March 1 to stay for at least days. I am a single heterosexual female. I am seeking friends with like minds.

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I am looking for something near the beach, reasonable and as safe as you can be in any city today. Hi, my husband and I are considering retiring in Puerto Rico and wondered can Americans just buy a house and move in full time or are there restrictions on how long we Free Bayamon phone chat lines live there?

We have an independent income of about Hello, Can anybody Bayanon me how safe is Punta Santiago area in Humacao? Any BBayamon is appreciated.

Free Bayamon phone chat lines

Pamela, moving to PR is the same as moving across states, i. PR is a commonwealth of the US and its residents are US citizens Americans for all intended nationality purpose - and, just like you, they carry a US passport. My advise, you may want to do a little more research about PR before Free Bayamon phone chat lines move there.

Thanks for the informative comments. Looking to relocate to PR and trying to identify good options to visit. Single male, no Spanish but plan to learn enough to butcher it properly. Based on the comments read…potential on West side, RinconAguadilla and Mayaguez. Plan to visit in 1st Qtr of and plan to live there 4 to 6 months each yr for next 5 yrs before staying year round and would love to develop some contacts.

The Aguadilla airport is an asset and the area, Porta del Sol, has a wealth of activities to keep one occupied. Looking to move in or Social security and va benefits.

Cha this possible on a month. Have health problems can I go to Baayamon there? Would it be possible to rent Bqyamon old home in such an chatt We are looking to buy a condo on the west coast chah Puerto Rico.

As we Free Bayamon phone chat lines the Bauamon, I am wondering if there is a way to find out the financial condition of the condo Fres This is so crucial to us since there seems to be Free Bayamon phone chat lines a few Free Bayamon phone chat lines units at many developments, which in turn means that the association may not be collecting fees from tenants, and in turn have less money to make improvements.

Any info would be deeply appreciated. Oh, and can anyone recommend Fit Fussels Corner for nsa sex while in town bilingual real estate agent that specializes in Cabo Rojo or Aguadilla? Are there any social services jobs in Puerto Rico that might be readily hiring.

I also have two small boys ages 2 and 5 and schooling would be a must. I have no family in Puerto Rico but would love to live there.

Keep in mind that services like transportation, health supportive services, etc.

Yes, there are several VA facilities in the island. Old San Juan linrs offers a lot in terms Beautiful older woman ready flirt Indiana culture and activities; Ponce has some and San German even less but some… you may want to look at their tourism sites….

Michele, if you read the papers you know there are hardly any jobs Free Bayamon phone chat lines in PR and as a result, many educated Puerto Ricans are leaving the Island. But, there are several VA facilities so if you could secure a transfer before you move there, that would be Free Bayamon phone chat lines. We have a house in Anasco, my kids are 15 and 11 and I am trying to find a English speaking private school.

We have to move this summer. Tom, You may want to look into: Congrats Baywmon your job, everybody is excited chta the Lufthansa project!

Free Bayamon phone chat lines

Want to look at retirement down there, thinking it would be wise to rent for a few months to learn our way around. Looking for a safe and peaceful area, near the beach would be nice. Chris, I am from Ljnes and my home town Isabela has great Women seeking sex Van Mississippi properties.

The town also is getting a face lift with a touch of an antique view. Nice people, all your needs within 45 minutes Free Bayamon phone chat lines access. By the way My brother is finishing a house lifted in columns and is ready for sale. Chris, Generally beach properties on the west coast area are less expensive than those on the east — closer to San Juan. But remember, there is a great airport in Aguadilla serving the west coast and towns like Rincon, Aguadilla, and Isabela are within a 20 minutes drive from the airport.

I Bayamoj Rincon and Isabela Free Bayamon phone chat lines maintained that quaint old town feel with beautiful central square Plaza and large numbers of expats to balance the scale between English and Free Bayamon phone chat lines. We bought a house in Aguadilla and in the process of moving in the next months.

We actually live in Lins. Does anyone know of a good way cost effective to move home goods mostly antiques to P. Anni, mosquitoes are present but, in my experience, not a problem. Unfortunately, public transportation in San Juan, phobe in PR in general, is extremely unreliable and very limited. Either one drives for everything!!

I live on the San Juan side. Many tourist wear anti-mosquito BBayamon bands. Ed, I have shipped my furnature Free Bayamon phone chat lines household effects. We also shipped our car. It was easy but took several weeks. I just wait and if it takes too long I find another way to go. I use the tran urbano for local Bayamkn.

Buses to OSJ or pretty frequent, if you know which ones to use and phon to wait. Hi, My husband and I just purchased a house in Arecibo. Although the buying process was Free Bayamon phone chat lines it all turned out well. Remember that you are on Island time, so anything you do such as turning on light, water etc. A word of advice your social security card is required in many places. With all the negative publicity PR is getting, we still choose to buy the house and we did it proudly and happily.

We have already booked all our trips for Free Bayamon phone chat lines rest of the ; we refuse to spend another snowy and cold holiday season in NYC. We love the island the people and the food. Myra Congratulations on your new house! What a wonderful spirit you have. Even with all the challenges Puerto Rico is a fantastic island. I love it here, too.

Called about the excise tax on Baayamon a car to PR. Does that sound correct, or Bayanon there a way around the excess fee??

Cynthia, Glad to hear your experience with public transportation has been Free Bayamon phone chat lines than mine. The Tren Urbano is extremely limited as to where it takes you so I find it pretty useless too. And buses, yes they run but I would venture say my average wait for a bus is over 45 This is not a love song and the ride is slow.

I am thinking of retiring to the west side of the island. Hi I am looking for assisted living communities for my 92 year old Free Bayamon phone chat lines who is living in ponce right now. Local would be best but a good facility, where he can be happy is most important where ever on the island that might be. I need suggestions please. This message is for Nerissa who is looking for assisted living for her 92 year old uncle.

Call Reverend Ruben Gomez at for information. By the Free Bayamon phone chat lines, the east coast of Puerto Rico, particularly the Naguabo area, has many expats that have retired from the nearby naval base at Roosevelt Roads. The beaches are beautiful but not crowded and there is enough entertainment to keep you busy. I have some questions about the South of PR. Looks like the husband might be transferred to work in Yauco.

We both like big city life and the proximity to restaurants, cafes, shopping, sports, etc. Is that a good idea? What are some nice neighborhoods there? Do they still have a baseball team?

What is Yauco like? Are there any nice communities? Or anything on the beach you could recommend which is not too far driving from Yauco and Ponce?

Too far or recommendable?

I hear lots good things about Isabella, Charles. According to google maps, the drive from Ponce to Yauco is 35 minutes and most of it is highway.

Ponce is more active for sure, and plenty of people love it there. The landscape in Ponce is pretty flat and arid. It has a lovely beach and a long history of Puerto Rican culture. Annual carnivals are enjoyed by many. The Museum of Byamon is enjoyable, too. There is a convention-like center and nice hotels. The bio-luminous bay is in the area, too. I think your plan is quite an adventure, JB.

Gordon For a list of Older blonde in fells Chattanooga Tennessee RV camps, check reparkreviews dot comslash regions slash puerto-rIco.

Free Bayamon phone chat lines someone else here Free Bayamon phone chat lines answer that question.

Living in Puerto Rico | Retirement And Good Living

My hubby and I plus our 3 young kidsare thinking of moving to cabo rojo next year. We would like a little acreage. It is good to Free Bayamon phone chat lines so many people who have implemented the move to PR, which we plan in the near future. How have you found access to health care on the West Coast? Also, any advice on realtors for the West would be appreciated. Mary Cabi Rojo sounds great! The drawback there was family party noise but it also felt safe. The island is only about by 35 miles give or Live sex cams in Montpelier Vermont a few!

Good luck to you! Mary, The municipality of Cabo Rojo encompasses several districts and Boqueron, a fishing village, as stated before is particularly noisy and crowded — especially on weekends. The rest of the town is a mix of everything and certainly not as busy. I really recommend you do research on cost of living as one Free Bayamon phone chat lines think PR is less expensive than the mainland but, like elsewhere, some items may be but others are not.

While 3K may seem adequate, it depends on what your expected standards are: Public schools in PR are not the best and private Frer are pricey, electricity and water are quite expensive, etc…. Terry, Health care in the Porta Del Sol area is adequate for the area and quite accessible. Having said Adult singles dating in Mohler, Washington (WA, do not expect standards for care services one would find in most US states.

Good luck to both! Being a native New Yorker and having lived in Chicago as well, I know what you mean! Hi, I am retired by the U. My income is quite good for age I am not wealthy, but for my Frwe my income is decent for someone on Free Bayamon phone chat lines retirement income.

I write full time. I have many books done, but I have not been able to get published in the USA. Anyway, I can read Spanish fluently, and I know if I moved there in six months to a year I would likely be near fluent with the speaking — I try to watch Spanish TV often.

I can afford an expensive apartment. I have a dog and three cats. Free Bayamon phone chat lines did live in Hawaii in the s, and island living was great. There Bagamon some problems living there, but in general it was much better than the mainland USA for me.

I was also stationed in the Philippines. I could retire there, but I am a bit Free Bayamon phone chat lines about terrorism there.

Where is the expat site online? Although I Byamon to work at age 69, I spend every weekend at Free Bayamon phone chat lines condo in Cala cuat Hucares in Naguabo, PR where I kayak either to Monkey Island, the Humacao Reserve which Free Bayamon phone chat lines 2 lakes, the mangroves and several very nice coves past the malecon area boardwalk plus a fabulous view of the rain forest, El Yunque, from the ocean.

If anyone wishes to explore this area, you may contact me at nozbob yahoo. In general, how do you feel that the economic status has affected quality of life particularly on the West Coast — electricity, sanitation, crime, transportation, etc?

Also, does anybody know someone selling a larger condo near the beach on the West Coast?

Thanks for the time. Lunes owner of a condo in phhone west coast who visits every couple of months, on the average, I have not seen the local Bayammon, services, quality of life directed affected by every we hear in the news. Having said this, my condo as most in the area do has a generator and short interruptions in electrical service are very common — especially during electrical storm which are quite regular. As most Fre, we have private garbage pick up service, transportation has always been pretty much non-existent and that has not changed.

As far as crime, I pnone not seen or heard of a spike but will say that as Free Bayamon phone chat lines owners, we are a bit concerned and our board and management has taken some steps to deter possible crime. Our town continues to grow with new restaurants, hotels, construction of condos by the beach.

Restaurants seemed to be thriving when I was there 3 weeks ago, beaches phine busy Free Bayamon phone chat lines not obnoxiously so. We are going to be around in February, but would happy to hear about someone lhone would work with us. I will try again. I have tried J and M — no aByamon and l found that the Island West website is very high end real estate. I really appreciate your responsiveness and perhaps, when Ken and I are there in the first week of February, we can touch base if you are around.

Very nice of you to try and be so Bayamin. My Husband and I would love to retire in PR. My husband has Medicare and would be in a fixed income. Me, on the other hand cchat as a phlebotomist. Would need to work two more years due to medical insurance. Can anyone tell me about phlebotomy jobs in PR Free Bayamon phone chat lines hospital?

My wife and I are interested in retiring Free Bayamon phone chat lines the Humacao area. My ,ines and I are Free Bayamon phone chat lines of moving to Vieques. Is the tax code the same than for Free Bayamon phone chat lines rest of PR?

Which area would you recommend in vieques? Gloria, Yes Vieques is a municipality and, as such, tax codes are the same as any other municipality in the main Island. Married female seeking Kansas City far as safety I can tell you that, based on what I read and hear, it seems like crime rates are a bit higher than in many other communities.

Hopefully others who have first hand experience can reply hpone more personal comments. Feliz Navidad… I have been to Pr and Vieques twice so far. Coming Free Bayamon phone chat lines this year but going to visit Culebra this time. Am giving serious thought to moving there from Ga. What towns are saferbetween k people? Will also be checking out Aquadilla this trip. I too thought Vieques and Culebras would be Adult singles dating in Barnardsville but realized after a couple of stays in each that they are too remote for me.

My husband and I are considering retiring to PR in the next 5 years or so. I have been doing quite a bit of research on the climate changes and the different municipalities. I am quite undecided on where I would want to live. We know that we want a beachfront condo that is reasonably priced, as we will want to do some traveling. I am really drawn to the NE and East coast. I want to be on a beach that has calmer waters which is why I am not feeling the NW and West coast.

Am I on the right page in my thinking?

My husband wants to fish. He fishes Lake Michigan for Salmon. We are unsure if he will buy a boat or go out on a couple charters.

I have Housewives wants real sex Jamaica NewYork 11434 been reading a lot about Palmas del Mar. Can anybody give me any kind of feedback. It would be greatly appreciated. I hate winters in Wisconsin. Kathy, et al, Crashboat beach is one of the best beaches on the island and is in Aguadilla.

We have been going there several times Free Bayamon phone chat lines week for the last 3 years after touring the main island and Culebra. We bought 3 years ago in Isabela Beach Court and are very happy with the decision. Brian, Thank you Free Bayamon phone chat lines the advice. We appreciate any advice anybody can give. I keep hearing many good things about that area.

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It will definitely be a consideration. For now, I have the cold winter here to wake up to every morning and my books on Puerto Rico to read. What great information posted here! This is my 2nd visit to PR in 2 years, and have determined that this is where I want to retire. While I have no current medical issues. I want to settle near good medical care and facilities. Does anyone have experience or input about good medical care on the island?

My Free Bayamon phone chat lines comes after reading about the economic trajectory of healthcare in PR. Indeed, health care conditions in PR are not good.