Farberware Flip Non-Stick Waffle Maker Works Great

Farberware Flip Waffle Maker

Farberware Non Stick Flip Waffle Maker works great for a great price

Did you ever see something you liked and just happen to mention it in passing and the next thing you know, someone buys it for you? I had that happen to me, but it turns out that I absolutely love the product I originally thought was “just kind of cool.”

Sometime before Christmas I was browsing Facebook and saw a video for making all kinds of food in a waffle iron. Curiosity got the best of me, so I watched. They made all kinds of food in a waffle iron including eggs, brownies and sandwiches. In all of my years I had never thought to try something like that.

What was even neater was the fact that the waffle maker was on a stand and rotated. You poured your batter in, closed the lid and then flipped it around. A light popped on when your waffle was done, you flipped it back over and opened it up to a perfectly done waffle.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t have carried on so much about how much I liked it, because it ended up in a gaily wrapped package under my Christmas tree, compliments of my son and grandkids that live with me. There was a catch though, because they all love waffles.

I was skeptical because I hadn’t had a waffle maker in years and the last one had been a disaster. Most of the time the two sides had stuck together like glue and you nearly needed the Jaws of Life to get the slightly burnt waffle free.

So, since they were nice enough to get me a gift they thought I really wanted, I had to be nice enough to try it out, right? The little Farberware waffle maker is silver and black, so it matches my appliances well, at least. It has a spill plate that snaps in underneath of it to catch any overflow of batter.

It doesn’t take long to determine just how much batter to use, but believe me, if you over fill the measuring cup that comes with it, you are going to need that plate. When it says fill to this line, it means it! The booklet that came with it has a recipe in it that makes excellent waffles. I would suggest you stick to that recipe.

I tried a box mix in the waffle maker and they didn’t turn out so well. I had some sticking issues and they just didn’t taste as good as the ones made from the recipe. For school mornings, I go ahead and mix the dry ingredients at night. Then the next morning, while the waffle iron is heating up, I add in the milk, eggs and oil.

Farberware Non Stick Waffle Maker

The easy grip handle allows you to flip the waffle maker easily

It has an easy grip handle that you turn to flip the waffle iron upside down and back to right-side up. A bright green light pops on when the waffle is perfectly cooked. It only takes about a minute for each waffle and the round waffle nearly fills a dinner plate. It has four distinct marks so the waffle is easy to cut in half or even quarters to share smaller portions.

I haven’t tried making any of the other stuff in the waffle iron, but it has had a steady use of making waffles for my family almost every morning since I opened it on Christmas Eve. I don’t like knowing what a gift costs, but for the sake of this review, I looked the Farberware Non Stick Flip Waffle Maker up and you can purchase it at Walmart for less than $25.00.

You can get a much more expensive waffle maker that looks and works just like this one, but why would you want to, since this one works so well? I am so glad my son was paying attention when I was watching that video. If you like waffles, I would recommend the Farberware Non-Stick Flip Waffle Maker. Great price, great product and really great waffles!


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Farberware Non Stick Flip Waffle Maker

Farberware Non Stick Flip Waffle Maker



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