Electronic Keyless Digital Door Locks with Numerical Codes and T-Handle Vending Machine Locks

Electronic Keyless Digital Door Locks with Numerical Codes

Electronic keyless digital door locks with numerical codes are more advanced than regular maglocks. These devices must be opened using a security code which must be entered by the user. These locks are usually built with a keypad which is used to enter the password. They are frequently found in apartments and can usually be used to easily replace standard doorknobs.

Electronic keyless digital door locks may be designed to work with a token or a smart card which must be used to swipe the lock. Some of these locks utilize infrared technology to access biometric data which is stored on an electronic device that the traveler carries with them. In certain situations, users may also be authenticated by using their fingerprints, retinal scans or voice.

The top electronic keyless digital door lock brands are:

  • Schlage
  • Yale
  • Weiser
  • Laykor
  • Anaconda
  • LockState



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T-Handle vending machine locks

T-Handle vending machine locks are also known as plug locks. Many are designed with a 7 pin tubular mechanism. The cylindrical design of these locks makes them appropriate for older and newer machines.

People who are restoring vending machines from decades ago can still use these devices in vintage gear. Replacing the locks on vending machines is sometimes cheaper than paying a locksmith to make keys to replace any which have been lost.

These types of locks are also used for:

  • Desk drawers
  • Gloveboxes
  • Tool boxes
  • Electric cabinets
  • Coffee machines
  • Bottle machines
  • Snack machines

The top T-Handle vending machine lock brands are:

  • Fort
  • Abloy
  • Amico
  • BiLock
  • Chicago


Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnetic locks work a little differently from most of the other locks that are used in regular household applications. These devices are also known as maglocks or magnetic locks. Each device has two important parts; an armature and an electromagnet. The armature is placed on the door while the maglock remains in the frame.

When a current passes through, a strong magnetic force is created between the armature and magnet so the door remains shut. Some are designed to protect people and remain open when the power goes out. These are known as fail-safe locks and in case of fire or other emergencies they allow people to move freely to safety. Fail-secure locks are designed to prevent theft of assets and stay closed when they power is on.

People who use these locks often use independent power supplies as back-ups in case the main source of electricity is lost for some reason. This allows the door to remain shut even in a power outage. Electromagnetic locks may be used with the following types of doors:

  • In-swing doors
  • Out-swing doors

The top electromagnetic lock brands are:

  • Schlage
  • Seco-Larm
  • Skylink
  • Toledo
  • Securitron

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