Easy Living Cheese Slicer and Cheese Grater: Should They Be In Your Kitchen?

Easy Living Cheese Slicer and Cheese Grater: An Honest Review

20150810_220357 I love cheese. In fact, my entire family loves cheese. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase tools that would make eating cheese a little more convenient. The way my husband and toddler consumes cheese, it is just easier to buy the biggest bag of cheese the store has. Unfortunately, that big bag is somewhere in the neighborhood of $13 after taxes. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money for a bag of shredded cheese.
One thing I noticed was that big blocks of cheese came in a lot more flavors, you could get organic blocks, and they were significantly cheaper. The question is – do I have to settle for cutting them up with a butter knife? The answer – no I don’t! Not anymore anyway.

What These Cheese Tools Can Offer You

With the Easy Living Cheese Grater, I am able to grate any flavor of cheese up into shredded cheese, put it in a zip lock bag, and lock it away in the fridge. Being very honest, the cheese just tastes better this way. With the Easy Living Cheese Slicer, I also have a much easier time chopping cheese up into blocks. The cheese slicer was designed to slice the cheese with great ease without you having to worry about slicing anything else.

Safe and Child-Proof Cheese Tools

While I don’t want my toddler to get a hold of either of these tools, I’m not particularly worried if he does. He’s so tall that he can reach in the sink and in the dish strainer despite being just two years old. If he runs through the house with the grater or the slicer, I’m not worried about him getting hurt. That alone was reason enough for this mother to want to have these tools in her kitchen.

Easy Living Makes Some Quality Products

After getting and using these to products, I would not hesitate to buy other Easy Living products on the market. The quality is great, they are easy to clean, and they were designed with child safety in mind.

Credits and Disclosures

Image Credits: The first image (the cheese grater) was taken by the author of this piece, the second image (the cheese slicer) was obtained via Amazon.Com.

Disclosure: I want to make it perfectly clear I did receive the cheese grater and cheese slicer at a discounted price in exchange for testing them and writing a review about them. I can attest that my receiving the products at a discount in no way swayed the review I am leaving.

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