Doom Collectors Edition

Doom Collectors EditionA  new incarnation of the game that, in many peoples opinions, started it all when it comes to first person shooter is out and has a very special edition, the Doom collector’s Edition.

There are a few things that make this one of the better collector’s editions and in this Doom review I will cover what I like, and don’t like, when it comes to this set.

First and most importantly is the game itself. The game comes with both single player and Multiplayer mode.

The single player story is pretty good with some great moments that will get you to jump a little. The maps are a good size with plenty of gameplay on each level. There are also multiple ways to finish a level and some secret passages like in the original Doom game. Lots of different ways to upgrade weapons and just an all out fun game that you can play more then once

There is also a really fun multi-play mode with arena style action that reminds me of the days when Quake 3 and the first Unreal game were so popular. I loved those games and really enjoy the way Doom 2016 has taken that type of game play to a whole new level. You also get the Demon multiplayer pack in the Doom collector’s edition which is a nice little added bonus.

Check out this video for a look at some of the awesome Doom Gameplay

You can get the Collector’s Edition Here

One of the things I really like about this collector’s edition compared to many of the others is that is pretty cut and dry. What I mean by that is what you get is simply the game, the collectors box, and the statue.

Now some may think that is not very impressive but, I would rather that then a box filled with a bunch of filler crap to try and make it look bigger and better. Just think about some of the junk you get in a lot of these special boxes. A bunch of paper that really has little to no value. With this you get an awesome game, a really cool looking statue and a cool metal Doom box.

Give me more of the cool stuff and less of the clutter. Especially since I am pretty anal about these things and try to keep every piece of paper that comes in the box. It just winds up being more stuff to hold on too.

The Revenant statue itself is pretty slick. This is the kind of piece that would easily sell for anywhere between $50- $70 if it were sold separately. On eBay alone they are generally selling for $70 and up right now!

The Doom Revenant statue is on a light up LED base with a slow moving fan to give it an even more ominous look. It stands 12 inches tall and is packed with amazing detail. They really did go all out on these and it shows.doom pc 2016

One thing you will want to do is be sure to unpack your Doom collector’s edition and check the statue right away as some people have reported getting broken one’s. If that does happen no worries, they will replace the statue pretty quickly from everything I am hearing and reading.

All in all this is a pretty sweet deal between the statue,the metal case and the awesome game. Whether you are a Doom fan or just a video game fan in general this is a must have for collector’s.

Check out the Doom Collectors Edition Here For PC, Xbox One or PS4!!

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Doom Collector's Edition

Doom Collector's Edition





      Collectors Box



        • - Great Gameplay
        • - Single and Multiplay Options
        • - Detailed Collecotrs Box
        • - Very Cool Statue
        • - Not filled with a lot of junk


        • - Some issues with statues due to shipping
        • - Only available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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