Does the Amope Pedi Perfect Pedicure Foot File Deliver?

Vitamin / Pixabay

Vitamin / Pixabay

From a woman who has to get a few pedicures a year, I must admit I was cautiously excited. Cautiously excited because I thought, “How great would it be if this nifty little machine worked?

Well, the Amope Pedi Perfect Pedicure Foot File does work and is all it’s ‘cracked-up’ to be- excuse the pun! The Amope is an electronic file that uses batteries and a course roller with diamond crystals to effortlessly smooth away that yucky heel skin. You know- that ridge of callous that usually shows up when you want to wear your dress sandals. And if you’re a woman (or a man) who hates that crunchy, annoying heel build up that catches on certain blanket materials- it’s a godsend! 

And it’s so easy to use– just glide over callous areas a few times till you smooth over the rough spots and you’re there- Gorgeous smooth skin that’s ready for a little moisturizer to finish. And refills are available and this is good news because you only have to buy the unit once and just top it up with a new file when the old one becomes dull.

And, it will cut down the need to get so many costly pedicures. Although, let’s face it- we’ll still go cause it feels so good! But in-between, we won’t have to suffer with unsightly heel and ball-of-the foot callous! And we won’t have to go to the salon so often, so we can spend the extra money on something worthwhile, like jewelry or a new top!

I bought the new Amope Pedi Perfect Pedicure Foot File that is presently available with the ‘Extra Course’ file roller for the very worst callous scenarios.

Note: I have only tried the one with the “Extra Course” file so can only vouch for this one.But if you want the extra course roller files at the beginning, click on the image of the Amope and other options will pop up. The one with the “Extra Course” rollers are showing in pink. 

But remember , if you’ve already bought the regular textured file or feel that’s all you need, you can still buy the “Extra Course” refill rollers anyway- as the refills are interchangeable. This way you can try the “Extra Course” next time. I love my new little Amope Pedi Perfect Pedicure File and am enjoying the convenience of using it when I need to. I can’t say it’s changed my life, but I can say it certainly has made it go a lot more smoothly.

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