Decorating With Plants for Autumn

Autumn brings changing colors which might make you want to change the look of your home, as well as the dominant colors inside it. You might not want to repaint at this time, but it could also be a major part of your autumn plans for decorating.

There are so many beautiful leaves and natural things available at this time, that it would seem wasteful to not integrate something from the rich bounty, into the design of at least one room in your home.

Dried plants as well as fresh flowers and cuttings, can be used to make your home look and feel brighter. Choose colors that blend with the theme you have in mind, or add a bit of color with paint on the leaves, to create the color blend you would like to have.

You can use dried branches can to make photo frames. You can also use sturdier branches to construct shelves for small or large items in your home. Picture a natural looking shelf housing your favorite magazines or books. You could even build a cozy resting place for an older dog or a cat.

You can leave the branches bare or spray them with a metallic paint. Gold and yellow work well together so a bit of gold paint on yellow leaves or on dried branches looks good. Gold, orange and red also work well together.


Sibu Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil Benefits For Acne - Skin Benefits

Sibu Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil Benefits For Acne – Skin Benefits


You can also make use of more pliable vines to make wreaths to brighten a wall, or baskets to house small odds and ends. The leaves available at autumn inspire a whole range of ideas with their many colors and patterns.

Arrange your favorite leaves in a pattern by themselves or mix them in a collage with other materials you find to create an autumn theme inside the house. You can preserve the leaves by laminating them or spraying them with a coat of sealer.



Use them as a centerpiece in your kitchen or dining area or even place a small bouquet in your bathroom. Putting them in this collage picture frame or making a book sleeve may also be another way for you to enjoy these leaves and invite more autumn color into your home.

The fresh flowers available during autumn include:







Cymbidium orchids



Hypericum berries


Calla lily

Mixing lilies with chrysanthemums and roses works well. Pears, plums, persimmons and pomegrantes also make a beautiful fruit arrangement, or they can be added to a flower arrangement. Orange roses work well by themselves. You can place these arrangements of fresh flowers in baskets made especially for autumn.


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