Dead Snow Movie Review

The American movie market is by far the most influential in the world so if you hear about a movie coming outside of English-speaking areas you should watch it. Norwegian horror splatter movie with comedy elements “Dead Snow” is a great feature with a premise unheard of before and something very unique. The hype can start as soon as you see the movie’ official poster – a decapitated head wearing Nazi symbols and a guy with the chainsaw behind him. What could this possibly bring?

Group of teenagers head to a distant Norwegian city of Oksfjord for a ski adventure. After one night of having fun, a random hiker arrives at their cabin and tells them the story about the World War II. Apparently the place was very important for the Nazis and they tortured local people for over three years to keep this place as their port. At one point, the town’s people rebelled and banished the Nazis to the mountains and they were presumed dead. Next morning teenagers find the hiker dead and their survival road starts.

There were not many crossover movies between World War II and the zombie franchise. This movie was directed by then relatively unknown Norwegian director Tommy Wirkola, who has since directed a famous box office success called Hansel and Gretel: Witch hunters. The stars in this movie are mostly Norwegian actors and no one in particular delivers a blistering performance.

Surprising to popular belief, this is not the first movie resembling zombie Nazis. The first one came back in 1977 with legendary Peter Cushing and Brooke Adams in starring roles. “Dead Snow” has some horror clichés mostly in form of a character, with the weird looking nerd and the hot blonde among the leading cast. Assuming the end or the survivors (if any) is no-brainer but if we just put aside those facts, Dead Snow can be an entertaining movie for you for a quite popcorn night.

It is interesting that “Dead Snow” required more than 450l of fake blood before production and if you watch this movie this fact will not surprise you. Every major horror asset that can hurt you is here, from chainsaws, decapitations, disembowelment to axe kills. This is particularly noticeable in this movie, since the surroundings and the whole landscape is nothing but snow and white visuals.

It might be interesting when the whole slasher begins. The travesty begins when students take some gold collectibles to themselves from a box they find. Assigning the start of the whole mess to greed factor is a bit odd, but I believe that the director sent a subtle message in that move – to leave the legends be and don’t question it.

“Dead Snow” is a unique, fast paced horror flick with elements of comedy and thriller that can satisfy every slasher-movie fan. It might be interesting to see an American remake one day, as the story could probably reach wider audience with a more recognizable cast.

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