Cinnamon Induces Menstruation- Tea Relieves Cramps – Honey Fertility Facts

Men and women who want to have children are usually able to boost their fertility by paying attention to what they eat. Foods have a direct impact on the quality of eggs and sperm. Since the body also needs nutrients from the food we eat to ensure the correct blood flow and maintain the integrity of all the systems involved in conception, it is important to eat right.


Fertility Depends on Nutrition


If you are trying to conceive, your doctor can give advice on foods that should be included in your diet. For example, women should ensure that they have foods such as eggs and oranges, which are good sources of folic acid.

When you cannot get enough folic acid naturally, your doctor may prescribe this vitamin as a supplement. This ensures that women produce healthy, mature eggs. Pregnant women also need folic acid because it is used in making their child’s spinal column.


Recipe for Curried Cauliflower With Golden Raisins and Almonds
Recipe for Curried Cauliflower With Golden Raisins and Almonds


Honey and cinnamon can also help you if you are trying to get pregnant. The good thing is that this combination helps both men and women. If you hope to conceive, you and your partner can both take honey and cinnamon in order to experience the overall health benefits as well as the specific benefits for making a baby.

Honey has been recommended to impotent men by Ayurvedic practitioners for thousands of years. The honey should be taken every night right before a man goes to sleep. This substance which is produced naturally by bees is said to strengthen the sperm.


Women in China and Japan have long used honey and cinnamon in warm tea to give strength to their wombs. You may take the combination with your food and a fertility tea. For example, if you have banana muffins in the morning just spread a cinnamon and honey paste across the warm pastry.

Some women also take honey and cinnamon for infertility by rubbing the paste onto their gums throughout the day. This has two benefits. The honey and cinnamon paste kills the germs that cause tooth decay. They also slowly swallow the mixture with their saliva. When both men and women take this treatment, it increases their chances of conceiving children naturally.




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