Chima Halloween Costumes

ShadoWind, Skinnet, Laval, or Cragger? Who is your favorite Legends of Chima character?

I know…that is not really a fair question seeing as how all of them are awesome. Originally slated to replace the ultra-popular Ninjago line of LEGO bricks, ¬† ¬†Chima burst onto television screens across America in early 2013 and has never looked back!

While it is certainly true that virtually anything attached to the LEGO name will be popular with boys, it is the characters that have truly catapulted this line of toys to the top of every best sellers list. As Halloween approaches you can be sure that Chima Halloween costumes will take their rightful place on these lists as well.

If your kids are anything like mine then they have already started looking for the perfect costume idea. My oldest always seems to waffle back and forth between Ninjago, Minecraft, and Legends of Chima Halloween costumes. Despite the allure of ninja robots, and the appeal of pixelated Zombie Pigmen, I am relatively sure that Laval and the gang will get the ultimate thumbs up this Halloween.

Like every other theme in the LEGO line, there are not that many officially licensed products available. I am absolutely certain that this little fact is the source of a ton of parental anguish on All Hallows’ Eve. Do not, however, let this bother you too much. There are, after all, a few items that are certain to put a smile on your little one’s face!

Chima Hallowen CostumesLegends of Chima Laval Foam Sword

Every story needs a protagonist, and in Chima, Laval is our guy.

Being a prince is not always what it is cracked up to be. Despite being expected to act like the next King, Laval tends to gravitate towards immaturity; often forgetting about his main responsibilities and duties. This is, of course, what makes the story so interesting; and relate-able for kids (my son specifically).

This officially licensed Chima sword features elements of the Lion tribe’s insignia. Bright bold yellow colors are offset by penetrating baby blues and Chi like streaks of power.

Chima Halloween Costumes

As you can see, there are a number of high quality foam weapons that are sure to provide hours of entertainment to your child. But what about finding a cool Legends of Chima Halloween costume? If you are looking for a traditional kids costume (that is officially licensed) you are somewhat out of luck.

If, however, you are willing to think outside of the box a bit, here are a few fun and affordable alternatives.

Legends of Chima Halloween CostumesLegends of Chima Hoodie

I am relatively sure that the first thing that comes to mind when you say Halloween costumes isn’t a hoodie. They can be, however, a truly wonderful option; particularly in circumstances where kids are not allowed to wear a mask that covers their face.

What’s more, a quality hoodie can be worn the rest of the winter making it much more budget friendly than your typical holiday outfit.

Currently, there are three costume-style hoodies available. Surprisingly, my favorite is the Chima Cragger hoodie. This officially licensed outfit is made from a nice 60/40 blend of cotton and polyester. This simply means that it won’t shrink to half its size the first time you wash it.

The front is decked out with a nice representation of the Croc Tribe’s fortress. Olive greens are boldly blended with forest inspired browns to create a truly striking appearance. The hood is a deep green while the neckline is accented with terrifying crocodile teeth.

Overall, this is a nice jacket that can be worn at Halloween and during the milder months of winter as well.

Even though the selection of Chima Halloween costumes is somewhat limited, you can, if you are somewhat flexible, find a number of officially licensed items that will do nicely.

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