Brand Differentiation and CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and brand differentiation are mentioned sometimes in marketing. Finding out what sets your brand apart from others may not be as easy as you would think. You may think of your organization in a certain way. However, your customers don’t necessarily have to see you in the same light. What makes you their brand of choice may be different from what you think. Some may choose you because of the impact you have had in their lives or community.


Brand Differentiation and CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

Brand Differentiation and CSR Corporate Social Responsibility


You will have to probe deeply to find out why they really keep doing business with you month after month. Clients who have been with you for years because you serve their community can easily list several reasons why they have made that decision. The information they give will help you to meet their needs even better than before.



By conducting your health, beauty or entertainment business in the most ethical way that you can, you actually increase profits. You increase customer loyalty, ensuring that current clients and even generations to come stick with your products and services because you offer quality and you have a relationship with them. Surveys have shown that many consumers make a conscious effort to reward companies that they see doing good in their community.



Each Person is Unique, Every Company Has Something New to Offer

The same applies to individuals who are aiming to position their personal brand in the marketplace. Any professional in health, beauty. entertainment or any field should figure out what makes them unique. This allows them to earn more, just as a business that has determined what makes it special usually generates additional revenue as a result.

Figure out what Makes you Different

For example, if you are a school teacher, you may think of yourself as an excellent physics teacher but you don’t know what makes you different from the other top notch physics educators who are sharing knowledge with students across the world. Some students may take more of an interest in what you teach because you take a broader interest in their welfare. Each educator may not be a corporate body but taking social responsibility seriously helps many teachers to have a lasting impact on their students’ lives.

When you ask your students why they prefer you over others, they may give you ideas that you never thought of. For example, they may say that you are the only expert they know who takes the time to create humorous informative short animated films that help them to understand difficult concepts better.

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