Book Review: Build And Grow Your Author Platform

Writing a book is hard work. Many authors think that their work is done as soon as they publish their latest work of art. That is so not true. If you want to be successful as an author, you also have to promote and market your books. You can’t just post one ad and expect people to buy your books in droves. That doesn’t even work for household names. It may seem scary when you first start promoting and marketing your book. Here’s a book you can read that will help you learn some effective ways of marketing your books. It’s called Build And Grow Your Author Platform. This book gives you strategies that will help you get more book sales. This book discusses online and offline methods of promoting your book or books.

In Build And Grow Your Author Platform, you learn how to “build a bridge to your readers”. You learn ways to get the useful content that you have so painstakingly created to the people that need to learn about the content you have written. You also learn the three essential parts of your author platform. You will also learn what you need to put on these pieces of your author platform in order to get the results you want. The most interesting part of this book is that the steps you need to take to build your author platform form an easy to remember acronym. This book has something for everyone to new authors to people that have published several books.

The part that you should pay close attention to is the section about Understanding Your Target Market. This is where so many authors miss the mark when they publish a new book. They think that EVERYBODY is going to want to read what they have published. That’s usually not the case. There’s usually a core audience that is interested in your work.

I suggest you stop what you’re doing right now, head over to Amazon and buy a copy of this book. It will really help you in your goal to sell more books.
Purchase your copy from this link: 9 Strategies to BUILD and GROW Your Author Platform: A Step-by-Step Book Marketing Plan to Get More Exposure and Sales

Disclaimer: Author was provided with a free copy in exchange for a review.
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