Best Vitamins For Cats – Feline Cosequin for Bladder and Joint Health

One of the best vitamins for cats as they age is Cosequin. As cats grow older, they sometimes develop arthritis and several other mobility issues. Feline Cosequin is designed to improve bladder and joint health in cats. It can be given to your cat easily since it comes in a sprinkle capsule. That’s a plus if your cat is suspicious of tablets or just doesn’t like taking pills.

Feline Cosequin for Bladder and Joint Health

Feline Cosequin for Bladder and Joint Health

Cosequin is made by Nutramax Laboratories, a Christian-based researcher that develops products for both people and the pets they love. They believe that all of their products should be backed by science. Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences Inc. does a lot of research into how their product ingredients work. This helps them to develop vitamins for cats that have a marked effect on joint health. Their studies focus on several aspects of the supplements they provide which directly impact the kind of results that your cat will see when you give it to them. These include:
Cosequin works by improving the state of the cartilage in your cat’s joints. This in turn helps to improve joint utility.

Many cats start to lose some of the freedom of movement that they experienced in their younger days, once they pass the age of 8. Often, there are several things that their people can do to prevent this. By seeing your veterinarian with your cat, you can accurately determine which factors are affecting your cat’s mobility.

Best Vitamins For Cats

Best Vitamins For Cats

Sometimes nerve damage causes a cat to behave and move differently. There may be issues with muscle weakness affecting some cats, so you should never just start giving a supplement without determining exactly why your older cat has problems with movement. In cases where joint damage is limiting your cat’s ability to move, Cosequin can help. Cosequin is the number 1 recommended joint supplement for cats among veterinarians.
If your household has both dogs and cats, you may be tempted to give your cat a joint supplement that has achieved positive results for your dog. However, you should never do this without checking with your veterinarian first. It is not safe to give a cat medication that is safe for dogs, unless you know it is safe for felines as well.
Cosequin benefits your cats in more ways than one. Not only is this vitamin for cats good for joint health and arthritis pain, it also helps with bladder health in your cat. This is because the lining of the bladder contains some of the compounds which are also used to make cartilage. That protective layer in the bladder helps to prevent leakage of urine and waste into the inner lining of your cat’s bladder.
Cosequin can help cats with sterile cystitis and help to relive the pain associated with a range of bladder problems. If your cat has bladder problems or is suffering from arthritis, speak to your veterinarian about how Cosequin can help to improve their joint and bladder health.

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