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Eyeshadow with staying power

How often have you put on eyeshadow in the morning and then taken a look later to see it has faded or vanished? When you’re out, it’s frustrating when this happens and you have no idea. All that hard work— and now you have to touch up the shadow. Well, I have always had a problem with eye makeup fading or travelling to my under-eye area which is a real enhancement for those lovely dark circles. Even with primer, my makeup wouldn’t really stay.

That’s why I’m recommending two eye shadow brands that have real staying power and the only ones I buy. Even without primer (a light under-makeup colour that is supposed to give your shadow staying-power), I’m duly impressed. Now, you have to be willing to spend more than usual but they will last forever- or close. The brands are Lancome and Christian Dior.

Yes, they’re expensive but they are excellent, they come in gorgeous colour shadows that are updated regularly and last and last. They glide on smoothly and are easy to apply. And they’re available in palettes, with all the complimentary shades, or in singles. With the Holidays coming up and all the parties, you’ll want to look fabulous and have no surprises.

My ‘Honest Review’ is both Lancome and Christian Dior make excellent shadows with real staying power! Take a look at the super gorgeous colours below. And there’s even more fabulous shades available. Beautiful eyeshadow that lasts is just a click away!

Click on the shadows below to go to Amazon.

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Lancome and Christian Dior

Lancome and Christian Dior



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