Bar Keeper’s Friend Cooktop Cleaner

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Bar Keepers Friend Cook Top cleaner will make your stove shine

Everyone has probably used Bar Keepers Friend in the powdered formula. The distinctive gold can with the bright blue label has been around since 1882. A chemist from Indianapolis noticed that dull pots turned shiny and clean when he cooked rhubarb in them.

He took an active ingredient from the rhubarb and made a very soft powder out of it. He marketed the product to barkeepers to clean their fixtures. They began to call it the bar keepers friend and thus the name was born.

I have been using the soft powder Bar Keeper’s Friend for more years than I can remember. I use it just like you would any powdered cleanser, but it is so very soft and silky there is no worries about abrasive scratching.

A good testimonial of how safe this stuff is to use, is that my late husband used it to clean his prize motorcycle, chrome and all. Anyone that knows men and their motorcycles, know how particular they are with their cleaning rituals and products.

I was using the powder form on my old glass cooktop stove. It didn’t scratch it but working with a powdery paste was often hard to wipe off. That fine paste got into all the little nooks and corners and wanted to stay there unless you wiped and wiped.

I recently had to buy a new electric stove (that will be another review) and I opted for a top of the line model. Glass cooktop stoves come with a tiny bottle of cleanser. If you are a messy cook like I am, that won’t last very long.

My son and I were walking down a grocery store aisle one day and he picked up a bottle to show me. “Hey, look at this. A liquid form of that Bar Keepers Friend stuff you love so much.” You know you have used it a long time when your grown children know about it.

I gladly purchased it and of course that very night I made a mess cooking dinner on my new cooktop. I wiped the easy part of the mess off with my dishrag, dunked in hot dishwater. I then squirted a bit of the liquid cleanser onto my stove top and wiped again, in a circular motion (wax on wax off.)

Every bit of stuck gunk was gone and the cooktop looked just like it had when it came out of the box from the store. The Bar Keeper’s Friend Cook Top Cleaner rinsed out of the corners and crevices very easily too. I have used other liquid cleansers in the past, but I have to say this one has become my favorite by far.

I have trusted and used its powdered counterpart, for years. Now I will continue to have both in my cleaning arsenal. I would recommend that anyone give it a try. It’s not just for cooktops and will clean all sorts of things, including stainless steel, copper and brass. The non-bleach formula is gentle on the hands too.

You can probably find Bar Keeper’s Friend CookTop Cleaner at your local store, but a search showed me that it can also be purchased through Amazon and other online venues. If you want more information on all of its uses, check out Bar Keeper’s

I’d love for you to stop back by and tell me if you tried this product and what you thought of it. Go ahead and share the article too, if you might have a friend looking for a great product for their stove top.


Photo credit: The photo is of my stove, taken by me.

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