Baby Memory Book

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Baby Memory Book

Baby memory book would be one of the most precious gifts you could keep all the milestones from birth and give your child later in life.

If anything should happen to you before your child has grown up, this could be one of the best things your child could have, all the baby records photos and maybe a lock of hair, would live on as memories that could be lost forever if you don’t keep a record.

There are many Keepsake Memory books available, CR Gibson have been preserving family memories for 140 years, so this bound keepsake book would be a perfect gift for expecting parents, make a perfect baby shower gift, it is boxed and ready for giving, which is appreciated by most busy buyers these days.

C. R. Gibson are manufacturers of treasured gifts that preserve, create and celebrate memories, Baby Memory Book is one of those as some of the comments say about the price, I can assure you that this album is worth every penny you pay for it.

Memory book for a boy, Image credit –

Why I am reviewing this subject?

It is because I am from a family that never wrote or saved anything from our childhood.

So sad, as my parents past away in the 1970’s.

In my days (1940’s-50’s) many question were never asked about babies, if we asked a question, we were told we came from the cabbage patch or some other silly place.

As a result I never asked questions like what time of the day was I born?

So to this day I don’t know and I would dearly love to know.

Wished I had thought of these things before it was too late, also my relations didn’t seem to know either, I would so like to know, that maybe if I get my birth certificate, it may be on it, it is just one of those things, which if my parents had perhaps had a baby memory book, I would know the answer.

The above baby keepsake memorabilia book is suitable for a boy, it has many great points, so if you are interested check out the comment section, as a happy shopper has listed all the pages in this book on what records in covers in the child’s first five years of life.

I know that any child receiving this with all the information like birth certificate, vaccinations records and photos of their first five years of life would be a gift beyond anything else you could give them.

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