Arrow Season 1 Review: Great Promise With an Interesting End

Arrow has been one of those shows on my list of things to watch. I have a long list of them, and eventually I give up on some shows. They just get so far into them that I find it difficult to catch up. I didn’t want that to happen with Arrow, so started watching the first season this year. Yes, I know it’s finished its third season already, but I take my time watching shows that interest me.

Arrow season 1My husband and I really only started watching the first episode to see what it was all about. We had a rough idea of the character from the comic books—I knew a little more thanks to Smallville—but not too much to feel like the show could let us down.

Right away, the show caught my interest. With starting on the island, I loved it and instantly wanted to know more about Oliver Queen’s time there. How did it turn him from the playboy to the savior of Starling City? How did he learn to handle a bow and become so educated in dealing with poisons?

His story was gradually explained over the season. My husband kept telling them to go back to the island, and I have to admit that sometimes that storyline was more entertaining. I loved watching the change and seeing how he developed relationships with various characters. By the season one finale of Arrow, there are still some questions left unanswered and I hope they’re answered in the second season (yes, we will be watching).

The love storyline between Oliver and Laurel was obvious. I actually prefer Oliver’s relationship with Felicity. The fact that Oliver told Tommy that he was no threat and hours later he slept with Laurel really annoyed me, and I thought that was a turning point for Tommy. I honesty viewed him as a bad guy for the last two episodes, and wondered whether he would support his dad’s plan.

Before I share my thoughts on his ending, though, I’m going to go onto Malcolm’s plan—and the fact that John Barrowman played the character. I love love love Barrowman and I guess him being in Arrow means that Torchwood definitely isn’t coming back! I can deal with that if he sticks around on Arrow, but I do wonder how now that his plan was worked out and partially stopped.

I had wondered what this list was all about when Robert Queen gave the book to his son. It’s a shame Robert didn’t share more before he killed himself; like the fact that Malcolm was in on it all. I know it would have prevented the storyline we had for season one, but it just wasn’t realistic. There was a part of me that was glad to see how it all played out, though, and how we learned with Oliver. For a season we believed that Malcolm just wanted to destroy Starling City, but really he had a reason. Hearing his wife’s final voicemail was heartbreaking, and Barrowman definitely played that part of him perfectly.

Part of me is really interested in more of Malcolm’s character. I don’t see him just ending this plan now, but I can see him having to deal with a lot from the hospital/behind bars now. He’ll also have to live with the knowledge that his plan killed his son.

Yes, I told you I would get to it. I really liked Tommy’s character but the whole season I was wondering when he’d get killed off. I haven’t read spoilers for after season one, but something just told me that he wasn’t going to survive. There was just the question whether Oliver would have to kill him or whether he would die protecting the city. I’m really glad to see that he didn’t turn out to be the bad guy and he died saving Laurel. It will be heartbreaking for Laurel and I can see this putting strain on her relationship with Oliver. I wonder if she and her dad will ever find out that Oliver is “The Hood,” and when will he actually get his superhero name “The Green Arrow?”

The ending was interesting. I’m assuming Malcolm isn’t dead, because I just can’t see Oliver lying to Tommy about that part. Diggle was injured badly, so I hope he gets the help he needs. What I really want to know is will Roy live? Was he in the west or east part of the Glades, and did Thea get out alive?

Overall, the show got some really good actors—I enjoyed watching Katie Cassidy in Supernatural and think she plays a great protagonist as well as questionable character—and the storyline fit together really well over the series. One thing that I loved was being able to pick up an episode and not worry about the overall storyline. We took a break between episodes 11 and 12, but we didn’t have to remind ourselves what had happened because the overall storyline was just mentioned now and then, coming to the climax in the end. I like shows that do that.

For me, Arrow is definitely a show to keep watching. I know The Flash is the spin off from it but right now I won’t be watching that one. It’s not pulling my interest enough right now and I have other shows that I’d prefer to start watching instead. I have season two of Arrow to watch!

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