Aroma Crystal Gardeners Dream Cream Superb on Rashes

Aroma Crystal Gardeners Dream Cream

Soothing Relief For Irritating Rashes

Aroma Crystal Gardeners Dream Cream lives up to its name because it’s a dream on rashes. In fact, its advertised to be excellent for use on ‘weird rashes”- and that covers quite a bit. It soothes and takes away the itch in a matter of seconds. I have even used it on my granddaughter’s diaper rash with success. But, due to the essential oils in the cream I wouldn’t use it on newborns. However, it definitely worked well on my granddaughter with her slight diaper redness and blotches. I’ve used it since she was about 6 months up to now- a little over 19 months.

Note-*I will say here though that I wouldn’t attempt to use it on a burning diaper rash that needs a good greasy barrier cream. The essential oils could sting so always do a small patch test.

My Aroma Crystal Dream Cream has worked wonderfully on any summer yeast and heat rashes that can start in too-warm nooks and crannies. And it is also great to soothe eczema and dry dermatitis. I have even heard it works on headaches when applied to the temple.

Advertised as “Made with love” and 100% essential oils- it delivers soothing relief along and has a pleasing, fresh clean smell that has become their special signature scent. This great scent can be attributed to the natural essential oils used: Lavender, eucalyptus, cinnamon, peppermint and rosemary. These oils/essences would explain why this cream is so efficient on problem rashes etc. I always keep a tube handy in the medicine cabinet and have found so many uses for it! I have even put some on a kleenex to sniff when I have a head cold. It seems to clear the nasal passages.

Aroma Crystal has also put out a facial cream- their Ohm Face Cream would do a great job of moisturizing dry and dehydrated facial skin too! It contains a high concentration of carrot seed oil which is a superb and natural skin nourisher. I did examine this cream in-store and was impressed with it’s scent and smooth consistency but did not try it yet. However, as a retired aesthetician I feel the ingredients will work well in a facial moisturizer.

*Be on the look out for two different types of packaging- they both should say Gardeners Dream Cream by Aroma Crystal and are the same product.

Honest Review: Aroma Crystal’s Dream Cream truly works like a dream!

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