American Baby Company Crib Mattress Pads- Waterproof Cot Protectors

American Baby Company crib mattress pads are a great way to keep your baby’s mattress from getting wet. A waterproof baby cot mattress protector will help your baby feel dry and comfortable.

Carter’s Keep Me Dry Baby WaterProof Fitted Quilted Pad for Cribs is ideal for young children as well. So are crib mattress pads such as those made by Margaux May and Sealy. Enovoe’s crib mattress cover is also a good option for moms and dads who want a durable baby mattress pad. These fitted mattress pads are a good alternative to leaving the mattress bare, even when the mattress is covered by a plastic sheet.

American Baby Company Crib Mattress Pads

American Baby Company Crib Mattress Pads

Crib Mattress Pads

A crib mattress cover is made with a waterproof lining that is completely waterproof. This is much  better than a terry towel mattress protector. A waterproof crib mattress pad like this helps to reduce the amount of time that your baby has to spend off their mattress when you are cleaning it and reduces your workload as well.

American Baby Company, Carter’s Keep Me Dry, Margaux May, Sealy and Enovoe can be used on the following:

  • Crib mattresses
  • Toddler mattresses
  • They each work with Ikea baby cots

A mattress pad has several advantages, whether it is used on a bed for adults or in a crib for a young child. Many adults use a heated mattress pad in their bedding set because it gives them additional comfort and allows them to sleep better. Wool and fleece mattress pads are helpful for adults who may suffer from insomnia and help you to avoid sleepless nights.



Crib Mattress Pads Or A Small Mattress Protector – Comfortable, Machine Washable

A waterproof quilted mattress pad protects your baby’s bedding and keeps them comfortable. Low voltage mattress pads are not a necessity for young babies but parents tend to find that an infant mattress protector that is waterproof is useful. Your baby will experience the following benefits with quilted mattress pads from American Baby Company, Carter’s Keep Me Dry, Margaux May, Sealy and Enovoe:

  • Quilted mattress pads protect your baby’s mattress from wetness
  • They can be washed in a machine
  • Baby mattress pads are sized to fit standard cribs snugly
  • The quilted top adds extra comfort
  • Quilted mattress pads are usually hypoallergenic
  • They are soft yet absorbent
  • They don’t curl up on the mattress because they have an elasticized edge
  • Quilted mattress pads are usually phthalate-free


Organic Crib Mattress Cover



Organic Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad Cot Protector- Make Your Mattress Last Long

Using an organic quilted mattress pad in a crib is generally regarded as safer. However parents should bear in mind that some of these mattress pads are treated with chemicals that protect against allergens such as dust mites.

Organic baby mattress pads from American Baby Company, Carter’s Keep Me Dry, Margaux May, Sealy and Enovoe have a top layer of 100% organic cotton or like this, have a bamboo surface and a middle layer of polyester. The polyester is breathable and the cotton which is used is grown organically.

Organic quilted mattress pads offer the following advantages:

  • Can be washed with cold water to save electricity
  • Can be washed with a gentle detergent
  • Non chlorine bleach is safe with the fabric
  • Soft and does not make any loud crunchy noises when your child is on it
  • Durable
  • Have a layer which makes the crib mattress pads waterproof


Fitted sheet protectors do not add much softness to your baby’s crib. Fitted sheets for baby bedding are useful if your baby is vomiting or having diarrhea because they make it much easier to clean up. Sheet savers work well if you find that you have to do multiple sheet changes at night.

However, if you have to choose, getting mattress pads alone is quite sufficient and will protect your baby’s bedding adequately. They also keep your baby more comfortable.

Carter’s crib mattress protectors are fitted tightly enough to remain on the mattress while your child is sleeping. However, they are not difficult to put on the mattress. Cleaning these is easier than repeatedly cleaning a mattress of urine.

American Baby Company, Carter’s Keep Me Dry, Margaux May, Sealy and Enovoe are not noisy crib mattress covers so your baby or toddler can sleep in comfort. Carter’s crib mattress protectors can be washed in a machine and they do not shrink after repeated washings. They are soft but not so soft that you have to worry about your baby sleeping on them.



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