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Amazon Kindle Publishing is NOT About Luck

There are people who are doing well with publishing fiction and non-fiction on Amazon Kindle and a lot of people think it is just about luck. But it’s not.  I’ve seen people who were lucky but if you learn the right techniques and you have a plan, there’s no luck involved.

About a year ago I bought a membership plan.  I never pay much for things like this but this time I looked at all the data and decided that it was worth the money.  And what I’ve learned is amazing!  And what I’ve seen is amazing, too.

Kindling for Amazon Kindle Publishing

Did that video convince you?  Get the Kindling Membership here if you’re ready or keep reading!

Some Great Examples

Of course, everyone’s experience is going to be different but I’ve seen several people doing very well so for.  

I’ve seen two writers that went from almost nothing (3 figure earnings) to earning $10K+ in a month. And doing it consistently.  The genres they write in are different but using the techniques explained in Kindling they have the same experiences.  It’s pretty awe inspiring.

This isn’t one of those “it’s so easy that anyone can do it” type of membership programs though.  There is work involved.  You do actually have to put your butt in the chair and your fingers on the keyboard and get those words on the page. And no matter what, that is going to take time and effort. 

Here is a great video that shows you just what kind of experiences people are having.

This is pretty inspiring, too:

Bonus Facebook Group

This isn’t like some membership groups where they just give you the info and expect you to figure things out by yourself.  The membership comes with a Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get answers really fast.  One of the reasons that this group is so great is because the more experienced Kindlers are there, too. They share info and answer questions, tell you what is working, what isn’t.  There is so much info in this group you might find yourself doing a LOT of reading over the first week or so!

So, are you ready to get started?  Who knows – it could be YOU making $10k or more a month by writing books.  Who needs a publisher when Amazon Kindle Publishing is there for anyone?

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