J.R. Watkins Products Deliver More than Peace of Mind

J.R.Watkins Products Deliver

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Environmentally friendly , not tested on animals, paraben, dye-free,and nasty-additive-free- were the initial words that first got me squinting in order to learn more.Then my next attraction to J.R. Watkins’ large array of natural products was their old time, apothecary packaging. I have an admitted penchant for antique-y, ‘olde’ time things,(except for maybe my husband) tee-hee! But seriously, the simple packaging drew me in. Established in 1868 in the United States they have successfully kept their honest, pure, and historical image.  J.R. Watkins Products deliver more than peace of mind; they do the job they promise to do.

Petro-Carbo Medicated Salve

Petro Carbo

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Their Petro-Carbo Medicated Salve was my first actual encounter with J.R. Watkins products. I came across it when I was trying to find and buy the old Rawleigh’s Antiseptic Salve with Phenol-‘brown salve’- as my mother used to call it and discovered that this J.R.Watkins’ salve was pretty close. What I love about these salves is- yes, they’re greasy, yes- they smells medicine-y, but do they work? You’d better believe it.

For cuts, burns,scrapes,heat rashes, yeast rashes- it’s the only thing I use. And on my baby granddaughter when she had a stinging, burning diaper rash- it acted as a barrier ointment and the only thing that would settle her and stop the burning!I highly recommend this salve. It has been an age old first aid ointment for generations and in my opinion, there’s nothing better. It deserves a place of honour in all our medicine cabinets.

My first skin-care purchase was their Lavender Liquid Hand soap. Now, you have to love the smell of lavender to enjoy this but for me it was heaven. Did the proper clean-up job on the hands but the smell was divine. But why else did I love it? As a long time user of lavender as an efficient and versatile aromatherapy essential oil- I knew that lovely smell was authentic. And I knew it would deliver the natural anti-bacterial properties that pure lavender prides itself on. So, I was in-love from the beginning.

Next I tried the lemon hand cream and wow-that was lemon-alright! Delicious smelling and a dream to use.It’s 96-97% natural and incorporates shea butter, cocoa butter and natural oils and imparts a soft silky feel. It can start off feeling a little heavy but that dissipates soon and your left with ‘soft’ and ‘silky’.

Watkins Pure Ground Black Pepper

There really is a difference when you taste food seasoned with Watkins brand pure ground pepper.Quality increases the flavour so a little goes a long way. It does cost a little more because of the quality of the pepper and the processing method.

Only top-of-the-line Malabar and Lampong peppercorns are used in the manufacturing. These peppercorns have a high-essential oil content and the unique grinding process keeps it that way. It all adds up to ensuring you are getting the full flavour impact from the peppercorns. I promise you will not want to go back to store-bought black pepper again.

After the Watkins’ pepper experience I am interested in trying their other spices and foods.They offer a wide assortment of food and health products that I will show here. I don’t think that buying any Watkins product will be a gamble as I am now convinced of the quality. I will update you as I try things and keep you informed of any more fabulous Watkins products I find irresistible.
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